IHG Rewards Club Hotels Changing Categories on May 1

Views from the Crowne Plaza Coogee beach
Source: Hotel website

Last week IHG Rewards Club announced significant changes to the rewards program, including the fact that 450 hotels would be changing categories on May 1, 2015. IHG has just released the list of IHG Rewards Club hotels changing categories on May… Continue Reading


The Perils of Managing Your Family’s Frequent Flyer Accounts

Airport departure gate

My brother did something awful recently. No, he didn’t push a bunch of immigrants off a boat or join ISIS, but he did manage to frustrate the heck out of me. It’s not entirely his fault – as the Keeper… Continue Reading


Earn 5% AAA Dollars on Gift Cards Purchases

5 percent AAA dollars on gift cards

Readers are on a roll today! @Ringsthecaddy sent me a pretty good deal from AAA: Members who purchase merchant gift cards through AAA receive a 5% discount in the form of AAA Dollars. These AAA dollars can then be used… Continue Reading


24 Hours Only! 2.25% Cash Back on Amex Business Gift Cards from Top Cash Back!

2.25 cash back on amex business gift cards

Reader Brian passed along an email announcing that Top Cash Back is offering 2.25% cash back on American Express Business gift cards. This sale is for 24 hours only and since I have no idea when this went live, let’s… Continue Reading


How to Use Amex Gift Cards to Buy Money Orders

Cash back on American Express Gift Card

I get lots of emails (and search traffic) from people wanting to know whether they can use American Express gift cards to buy money orders. The simple answer is “No.” American Express gift cards are not PIN-enabled, so they cannot… Continue Reading


Should You Load Rebird with Amex or Visa Gift Cards?

Target REDcard

Read Juan sent me a DM on Twitter that I thought would be worth covering in a post: Should you load Redbird with American Express or Visa gift cards? Ever since my Bluebird loading fiasco last year, when I unloaded… Continue Reading


Where to Buy Target Prepaid REDcards AKA Redbirds

The coveted Target Prepaid REDcards

Perhaps the most exciting thing we’ve seen in manufactured spending since Vanilla Reloads, the American Express Prepaid REDcard (aka Redbird) is very in-demand right now. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to them at the moment. Until recently, they weren’t even… Continue Reading


Hawaiian Airlines MileFinder Now Available on Safari

Hawaiian Airlines MileFinder for Safari

Those of you who use the Hawaiian Airlines MileFinder for the purpose of keeping your account active may be glad to know it’s now available on Safari. This makes it more convenient for Mac users who don’t like using Firefox… Continue Reading


Earning Miles on Tax Payments

Earning miles on tax payments

I just got an email from the guy that does my taxes and it makes me wish I lived in Switzerland, because it might just be cheaper and they have better chocolate. If you find yourself owing taxes this year, take solace… Continue Reading


Significant Changes Coming to the IHG Rewards Club Program

IHG Rewards Club Digital Downloads

IHG Rewards Club has just announced some significant changes to their reward program, which will go into effect over the next two years. Thankfully it doesn’t involve redemption levels but rather IHG elite membership and their point expiration policy: New… Continue Reading