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Yazing Reversing Cash Back on Purchases

UPDATE: Yazing has issued the following update regarding the gift cash back reversals on 7/31/18:

The team has gotten back to us and confirmed that the vast majority of the reversals were made in error.  They are working to correct those now.  Please watch your dashboard and transaction emails over the next few days and if there are any valid orders that haven’t been resolved by the end of the week, please email with the transaction information and order confirmation emails in order to create a new support ticket and we will work with to get answers and hopefully resolve any outstanding issues in short order.

Thanks for your patience and continued support.


I got a message from a reader named Jim this morning, alerting me that Yazing reversed several of his cash back transactions. As most of you know, I’ve been buying MasterCard gift cards online and Yazing continues to pay out 1.5% cash back on those transactions. I always get a notification about a day later, letting me know I’ve earned ~$37 cash back. The actual funds are normally deposited via PayPal within 30 days. That’s why I prefer Yazing over other cash back portals – they pay out fast. 

When I got this email from Jim, I checked my own email and noticed two reversal notifications. I did have a couple of cancelled orders, so I figured that’s what it was for. But then about 30 minutes later I got another email notifying me four other transactions that had previously been confirmed were essentially reversed. I had over $223 worth of cash back cancelled out. That’s not great.

Yazing gift card order reversed
My Yazing gift card orders have been reversed

I’ve emailed Yazing to figure out what’s going on. These alerts may have been sent out in error or perhaps decided to backtrack on their 1.5% cash back orders. Time will tell. I will update this post as soon as I hear back. I just want to make sure you’re all aware of this in  case you planned to place some more orders.

After what happened with The Plastic Merchant, I’m much more on alert when I hear reports like this. Again, we have no idea what’s going on and I don’t want to jump to conclusions. I just want you all to be aware and hold off on making further purchases until this has  been resolved. If you absolutely need to purchase gift cards online, you might want to try TopCashBack in the meantime. They only offer 1% cash back, but it’s really your only option at this point.

I’ve been using Yazing for several years and have never had a problem with them. Just two days ago I received a payment for $189.35 from them. Hopefully this is just a fluke. If you have any info on this situation, please share in the comment section.

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  1. ZipZapKaZoom

    Damn you Marriott for reducing the value of SPG points and driving us to MS this month like crazy!

  2. I have not used Yazing in ages. I found Topcashback did a great job for me. I am going to have to try the Mastercard trick one of these days to help reduce my overall cost in this business.

  3. Trevor the Sloth

    Glad I am not alone! I got this notice for an order I placed on 7/21 as well. It’s funny because I just got it in the mail too.

    No reversal on my 7/22 or 7/24 order yet.

    Hopefully they pull back on this. I can buy a MO at Publix so these work pretty well for MS for me, since I’m really trying to hit a spend target to get status/

    • BudFlorids

      In the Tampa area, Publix is asking to see the cards at most stores.

      • Trevor the Sloth

        Hmm, well I haven’t been asked. Luckily I get the ones that have my name on them as well…so I would just tell them that it has my name on it and is a debit Mastercard. Not their business if it is issued by a bank connected to my checking account or issued by a bank as a prepaid product.

  4. I had 8 of my orders reversed as well from 7/9 through 7/18. I opened a ticket as well stating I am not over the 60k a month limit and that the purchases were clearly made while the portal was offering 1.50% on MC gift cards. I also noted that this % is still being offered so hopefully just an error, but I am ready to fight if necessary. Cheers!

  5. Mine all still say pending I just received a few hundred from them recently..

  6. We have sent an email to our contact at for clarification. At this point these are the only facts we know from Yazing’s perspective.

    1. A bunch of reversals came through yesterday and were posted this morning.
    2. Typically once per month they post a bunch of reversals as they go through and validate transactions. There are times when transactions post as commissionable, but are never actually fulfilled and these get caught in their monthly validation process. The reversal reasons they send through are not always accurate, but these all said “Returned Merchandise”.
    3. Our commissions structure with has not changed.

    Hopefully we will get an answer from our contact at in short order. We will do our best to get answers and hopefully resolutions as soon as possible.

    Thanks for your patience and continued support.

    Adam Viener

    • Trevor the Sloth

      Well this is aggravating but I am impressed Adam came on here & posted to update us. Also received this via email.

    • Tariq Mallay


      How do you feel about Yazing’s most recent email communications discussing the newly impose 10% fee that’s suppose to take place March 2019?

      • travelasflyguy

        I’m wondering if this means that they will start reducing payments that are disbursed in March 2019, or if they mean that they will start reducing payments for earnings from purchases in March 2019. I’m going to lean towards it being payments starting in March.

  7. Sorry for the fire drill, glad we could get this resolved quickly. Please watch your transactions this week and let us know if they missed any that should have been corrected.

  8. It’s August 24 and I’m curious if anyone has gotten a payout from Yazing yet since the reversal and retraction incident… I have a pending status for about $91 of rebates on my MC GC purchases. I’m holding off on ordering any more of those until a payout finally happens from

  9. We have received payment from for ALL July transactions and are in the process of preparing payments now. They will go out via Paypal by Monday the latest.

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