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Yazing Removes Manufactured Spending Restrictions From Terms

A few weeks ago, the Yazing shopping portal appeared on my radar when they began offering 2% cash back at I placed several gift card orders and subsequently received tracking notices from Yazing. Shortly after this, a few readers brought Yazing’s terms to my attention, which specifically prohibited manufactured spending activities from earning cash back:

“Yazing reserves the right to withhold payments to any member who is fraudulently using the platform, abusing or gaming the platform, or suspected of manufactured spending. Should you be rewarded for merchandise that is subsequently returned or charged back, you will be billed for and are legally obligated to return those rewards.”

This had a lot of folks worried and I personally began using iConsumer for my orders to avoid potentially losing out on portal payouts. Yesterday, Yazing’s Founder, Adam Viener, reached out to me via email. He explained that the manufactured spending restriction had been removed from Yazing’s terms. There was some misunderstanding about the nature of manufactured spending that has been cleared up. More importantly, he assured me that all tracked transactions would be earning cash back: 

We love ALL our members and will pass through 100% of the commissions that we are paid for from  If they are happy to pay the commissions on the transactions we are happy to provide those commission to our members!

It was great to get this assurance that they would in fact be paying out cash back on tracked transactions. As a reminder, Yazing passes on 100% of the commission to members, so they don’t actually earn anything from our purchases. Instead, they rely on members to share their affiliate links to improve the company’s search ranking. So if you have a Yazing account, sharing your customized affiliate link on your blog helps Yazing rank higher. They’ve been generous with their cash back offers, so I’m happy to support them. I encourage you to do the same. At the moment, they are offering 1.5% cash back at, which is the same amount iConsumer is offering. 

Other than, Yazing offers competitive rates at thousands of popular merchants. They don’t show up on the first page results of Cashback Monitor, so be sure to check Yazing’s website for cash back rates and share customized merchant links online. You can find your customized link next to each merchant listing when you’re logged in.

Yazing 2 percent cash back at

So there you go. It’s still safe to shop at through Yazing without worrying about losing cash back on tracked purchases.

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  1. That’s great…at the very least it means the “risk” can now be safely spread between both iconsumer and yazing just in case something happens to one…

  2. So if iconsumer and yazing both offer 1.5% cash back but iconsumer also offers stock with its purchases, what are the pros of using yazing? Of course, this question assumes the stock pays out.
    I only base my purchase decisions on cash payout but if those are equal it seems as if iconsumer is a better option, no?

  3. Hopefully you have got cashback by using yazing. I did one transaction via Yazing to test it out and never got cashback. Raised an issue and Adam mentioned that blocked them. Later he responded that he has raised an issue and let me know what he finds. Its been almost a month but never heard back on the issue. So yazing is off my list for now. I would rely on the tried and tested reliable cashback sites even if they pay lesser cash back. Not discouraging anyone from using Yazing but just telling what my experience has been so far.

    • So far I’ve gotten confirmation that all of my transactions were tracked (though payout takes a while). I’m sorry to hear about your issues and hope they get resolved – did you get any info about when exactly started blocking them? Because if Yazing was still listing them as a cash back partner, you should receive cash back (assuming the purchase went through and was properly tracked).

      • Well my transactions tracked as expected. However , I didn’t get the cash back. I made the transaction in first week of Jan. So when I raised the issue , they mentioned has blocked them. Later it unblocked them but nothing came out of it so far.

      • Finally got an email today about the cashback confirmation.

      • How do you see your pending cash back in Yazing? I can’t see any choice to view click throughs or pending purchases, but I might be missing something.

  4. does not work all the time. Often, after doing all the steps it times out/error messages before the purchase.

  5. nice one

  6. Yazing still doesn’t have a dashboard, so how can we check to confirm they are tracking the order?

    • You’ll get an email from Yazing confirming that the order was tracked (usually shortly after the order is placed). I know – the dashboard thing is a bummer, but I’m told they’re working on it.

  7. Per Terms of Use, one of the pieces of info they require for payout is: “Tax ID information of the account holder”. This is a deal breaker. With more a more businesses getting hacked (even multi-billion dollar ones with entire departments dedicated to security) everyone should be dramatically limiting to whom they give out their social security or tax ID number. Since no other cashback site I’ve ever used has this requirement, I will not be using Yazing and will be recommending to everyone else I know that they also avoid it because of this.

    • I’m pretty sure I didn’t have to provide my SSN/Tax ID to Yazing. They’ve been the most reliable portal I’ve used so far, so even if they did ask for a Tax ID, I’d be happy to provide it. They pay out every 30 days or so, which is incredibly fast for a cash back portal.

      • Maybe you didn’t have to give your SSN when you signed up but I was curious and checked this myself and it’s definitely part of their terms now. I think Thomas makes a good point. It has nothing to do with whether or not they are reliable as a cashback website. Even corporations and governments are getting hacked almost every week. So why risk giving your private tax number to some some website when there are many others that don’t have this requirement. It’s only a matter of time before some hackers realize this little website named Yazing stores people’s name, address, email, social security number, etc. and hack them to steal that info. Identity theft is not worth the risk. I’ll also stick to other sites that don’t have this unnecessary requirement in their terms.

    • Thomas, my sister signed up yesterday and a Tax ID wasn’t requested. The payout is through PayPal, who does have your tax ID, but Yazing doesn’t ask for it.

  8. Jim Hughes

    Ariana, I placed my first order through Yazing – Giftcardmall. It was accepted , then cancelled for security reasons. I called. Nice CSR said she couldn’t comment on my specific order but she asked some telling questions. “Did you use Amex? We no longer accep Amex” ,”What type computer did you use? We don’t Support Safari, try FireFox or Chrome next time” “Have you placed any other orders recently” ( I answered no , but now that I think of it I have a Staples VGC order in the works”. May come from the same folks.

    • That’s very odd because I’ve been using Safari and I highly doubt that’s a reason for cancelling orders (as usual, this sounds like a clueless cs rep reaching for explanations). It’s actually been rare that an order has been cancelled after it was initially confirmed, but I don’t think some of the reasons this rep outlined are legitimate.

  9. i just checked on Yazing. it shows 1.25% sales on gift cards/1% of egifts. that means if i purchase visa gift card, it will be 1.25%??… not 1.5%??

  10. Ace Malik

    How does getting a better search ranking help them, they must require some amount of money in order to maintain their site?

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