Will I See You in Chicago this Weekend?

I’m sitting at home, packing my bag when I realized I should probably write a blog post in preparation for this weekend. I’ll be attending my first frequent traveler event, the Chicago Seminars. This is an event Rick Ingersoll, founder of  Frugal Travel Guy has been hosting for years, and I’m looking forward to finally attending.

If you  see me around, come by and say hi. If you have no idea what I look like, check out my about page. Obviously I won’t be wearing sunglasses during the event, as I’m not Kanye West, but it gives you a good idea. I’d love to swap war stories and learn more about how you guys are earning your miles. Don’t worry, I won’t babble about them later.

I’m most looking forward to meeting all the other bloggers, readers, and maybe catching a glimpse of the windy city. If you’ve attended the Chicago Seminars before and have any advice, please pass it along. See you in Chicago!

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  1. Last year was my first #ChicagoSeminars and I’m looking forward to another great event (minus the tornado craziness of 2012)!

    Best advise – be social! Points and deals are temporary, friendships last forever!
    …and follow the action on twitter with #ChicagoSeminars too!

  2. I will be there! If you are organizing any get-togethers, I would love to attend.

  3. Don’t find much use for these things, but I look forward to reading your take on it.

  4. Aw man! I wish I was going so that I could finally meet you in person. Hope it’s super fun.

  5. I’m just wondering, what fare, or how many miles, did you pay for the trip?

    • PointChaser

      Airfare was covered by work, so I have no idea what the fare was. However many miles I earn, I will be happy. 🙂

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