Why You Should Never Go on Vacation in June

Hyatt Regency Maui Cupcakes
Life is all sunshine and cupcakes on vacation

I’ve made this mistake three times in a row now. I booked a vacation for the beginning of summer and came to regret it. Booking a trip in June has it’s benefits:

1. If you book before the school year ends, you’ll have better award availability.

2. If you work in a corporate environment, you might find it easier to take time off in June, since your co-workers (with families) will opt for mid/late summer vacations and you can’t have everyone in the office out at once.

3. It’s fun to leave the minute you can. Kind of like diving off the swim block the moment the whistle blows.

Despite these advantages, there is one major disadvantage: When you return from your vacation, all of your friends and family begin going on theirs. And now you have to sit back and watch their awesome vacation photos pop up on your newsfeed every minute. While they’re off exploring the world (or San Diego), you’re enviously looking through their status updates and Instagram shots, with your own vacation a distant memory. Take it from me and book your next summer trip in August. Better yet, ask your friends and family when they’re going on vacation and plan your trip after theirs. This helps you avoid vacation envy, while they get to enjoy your endless barrage of status updates about what a great time you’re having….

Note, if you’re my Facebook friend/Twitter follower, don’t take offense! I enjoy looking through your photo albums and reading your status updates. I’m just jealous that my experience is over, while yours is getting started. This is also the reason I hate going to graduation ceremonies, but that’s a story for another day.

When do you typically go on summer vacation? Do you get vacation envy when you’re home while everyone else isn’t?

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