Points and Miles Beginner's Guide

What’s The Point?

Why collect miles and points? There are thousands of points and miles enthusiasts out there traveling around the world in First Class, for less than the cost of a domestic ticket. They are staying at five star hotels free of charge, and enjoying the perks of elite status before their first hotel stay. They are doing all of this with points and miles, something you can learn by reading this blog.


(left to right: Emirates Airlines A380 First Class, Park Hyatt Paris Vendome, Park Hyatt Maldives)

Most people are only vaguely familiar with frequent flier and hotel loyalty programs. They look at award redemption charts and think they’re out of reach.

They see the 20,000 points required for an award night at their favorite hotel, compare that with the 500 points they just earned from their first stay, and give up on points and miles before they even start.

What people don’t realize is that flying and staying at hotels are only one of the many lucrative ways to earn miles and points.

Nowadays, you can earn points on ANYTHING. Take surveys, opening a checking account, credit cards, brokerage accounts, requesting free insurance quotes, buying insurance, paying monthly bills, going in for a hair-loss or lasik eye surgery consultations, getting these procedures done, paying rent/mortgage, shopping, everyday spending, and much more.

These points add up fast. Combine them with point-maximizing strategies, and you’ll find that a trip to Europe in First Class is attainable after all.

I look forward to showing you how to do this. Along with everything there is to know about the world of points, miles, and free travel.

Check back often for a daily installation of Points and Miles Beginner’s Guide, a comprehensive guide to the world of points, miles and free travel.

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