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What to do if CVS Stops Taking Credit Cards for Vanilla Reload Purchases

4/2/14 Update: CVS will in fact be implementing a cash-only policy nationwide on April 4, 2014.

I took a break from my self-imposed internet fast this morning when Tim sent me the following message and picture on Twitter:

Twitter Tim Pressman

For those of us picking up our second, third, fourth, of fifth Citi AAdvantage Executive card, the idea of Vanilla Reloads going cash-only is pretty terrifying. My thoughts on this are as follows:

1. Regional vs. National Policy. First, I’m hoping this is simply a regional change. About a year ago, my local CVS implemented a cash-only policy as well. I’ve been to CVS stores around the South Bay Area and gotten the disappointing “cash only” line over and over again. Those stores got this memo a long tim ago. Hopefully, this is simply a memo sent to that particular region. In my case, when my local store stopped stocking them, I simply drove to the next town and found a new source.

2. Plan B. If CVS stores nationwide do implement this policy, there are some simple solutions. Cut CVS out of the equation altogether and either buy Visa gift cards online or at your local grocery store. The fees are usually $3.95-$5.95 per $500 card, so you’re not paying substantially more to earn the same amount of points.

One of my preferred method of churning is to buy Visa gift cards at GiftCardMall through Extrabux if the cashback payout is decent. These gift cards can be loaded onto Bluebird, making them a good alternative to Vanilla Reloads. Another way is to buy Amex gift cards through Big Crumbs, then use those to buy Vanilla Reload cards. If Vanilla Reloads go away, I’d just buy Visa/Mastercards instead and either load those onto Bluebird or cash them out via money orders. [Update 4/9: Extrabux is no longer offering cash back on Visa gift cards.]

If all else fails, you can always trade in your Bluebird card for an Amex Serve and load that directly with your mile-earning credit card. There are plenty of other ways to generate miles from prepaid, reload, and gift cards. If none of this rings a bell, check out the Newbie Guide to Manufactured Spending for an overview of manufactured spending and the cards involved.

We’ve experienced shut downs before: Netspend shutting people’s accounts down, Office Depot no longer carrying Vanilla Reloads, then taking Amex gift cards off their shelves, CVS stores changing their limits on Vanilla Reload purchases constantly. It’s a never-ending roller coaster. The good news is more opportunities will present themselves and the key is to adapt.

Disclosure: The Extrabux and BigCrumbs links in this post are my referral links. I will earn a small commission if you sign-up with my links and/or make purchases.

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  1. The CVS memo reportedly states that Serve register loads will be cash only eff 3/31 as well, so that part will not work as an option if true

  2. Jerry Mandel

    I have one CVS that takes credit cards for One Vanilla $500 debit cards. So much simpler, faster, and easier to use than reloading cards.

  3. Unfortunately, I think this is a probably a national change. Cary Chaney, who is referenced in the memo, shows up on LinkedIn as the Category Manager for prepaid cards in the Providence, RI area, which is only about 20 minutes from the corporate headquarters for CVS. The phone number in the memo also goes to CVS headquarters.

  4. How do you load a bluebird card with a prepaid visa debit card? I did not think that was possible (though you can with a bank-issued visa card).

  5. I’m not sure how your article helps. I won’t be able to buy VRs with gift cards at cvs as far as I understand it and I checked extrabux and do not see any VGCs there. The amount that can be done via serve would also be drastically reduced.

    • Agree, a pretty useless post… There is no magic, everyone is expecting a miracle, bloggers know tricks we have no idea about! BS, they know nothing more than everybody out there…

    • PointChaser

      Chris, you can buy Visa gc’s on TopCashBack. Clicking through Extrabucks would get you cash back to offset some of the fees. You can also buy Visa gift cards grocery stores (i.e. Safeway) directly for a slightly higher fee, and use those to load Bluebird.

      • “use those to load Bluebird.”. Is that with the $1,000 limit per day if done at a Walmart store? It is so much easier to do the $1k/day at home.

        • PointChaser

          You can do that. To off-load more than $1k per day, take the cards to the Money Center and buy money orders.

  6. How or where can I use an Amex gift card to buy a vanilla reload? Thanks

    • PointChaser

      Any CVS store. I’ve never had a problem doing that.

      • how is it gonna work with “CASH ONLY” memo? Is Amex GF cash? Seriously…

        • PointChaser

          Amex gift cards are processed like credit. It’s worked for me so far, but if they’re really going cash-only, I will just use them at Safeway to buy Visa gift cards.

      • I had one cashier tell me that they would not accept any card that did not have a name matching my ID printed on it, so no gift cards there. One cashier at another Store would take them on the occasions VRs were in stock. Different deal at every store. I am fascinated by these things. Are they profitable for CVS or not?

        • PointChaser

          I think they’re more hesitant to do it if you hand them the card to swipe. I always just swipe my card and then show it to them so they can type in the last 4 digits. The one time I did hand over my card, I got “I don’t think you can pay with this” followed by the cashier calling a clueless co-worker. Even if they don’t know for sure, they’ll just say “no” to be safe.

          Factoring in credit card processing fees, I doubt they’re profitable.

  7. the ones here are cash only with ID swiped and load limit is max $400. you can pay the $3.95 with credit card.

  8. Safeway charges $5.95 for Visa and MC gcs, so meaningfully more expensive absent bonus category cards. 1x cards would then be 1.2cpp which makes MS economics very dubious for anything other than min spend.

    I also think you’ve misread the memo. Says Vanilla VL $20-$500 (presumably Variable Load) are going cash only. Seems pretty clear everything but merchant gcs will be cash only. Game seems over at CVS for MS.

    How are you getting 4 and 5 Executive cards? I presume this is per person? How have you got around the Citi application limits for number of cards in ~60 days?

    • PointChaser

      I’ve only picked up two cards, but I heard from Rick (FTG) that someone on Flyertalk has picked up a fifth card. Citi has really loosened up on accepting applications. People are getting approved for cards one week apart.

      • Interesting. I was going to try for #3 after ~60 day mark. Others have cancelled existing cards after getting miles and being credited back the $450 (so get the 100K plus the $200 credit plus the $450 AF refunded). If I didn’t have TY 5x to maximize, I’d try cancelling myself – but TY is too lucrative to jeopardize for a paltry $450 if it means getting eyeballs on my 5x activities.

        Pity that CVS is going away though. Yet based on all the noobs I see these days, probably for the best. Was too easy and even morons were figuring the game out. Frankly, your blog (among many others) does a disservice by holding hands to those too timid/lazy to try stuff themselves. There is a limit to how much companies will tolerate. But if the choice is conversions vs overall good, we know lining one’s own pockets wins out every time 🙁

        • PointChaser

          My blog doesn’t get nearly enough traffic to shut anything down. Conversions also don’t apply here. I don’t have lucrative relationships with the banks like some of the other bloggers do, and I have yet to put any of my Barclay links in my posts – especially when discussing manufactured spending.

        • wait, the citi AA has TY privileges? the website clearly says this card is not eligible.

        • Hey Paul, you’re a Dick! “Noobs”. Go look in the mirror genius. Ugh, I hate you and your likes. Go sit in Coach, where you belong. MS, hah! I don’t need it

      • 5th citi AA card? that is crazy. I got 2. didn’t cancel either.

  9. JapaneseHoot

    The title is misleading. If your CVS stops letting you use CCs to buy VRs you’re out of luck if you want to buy VRs to MS.

    • PointChaser

      I don’t see how it’s misleading. If your CVS stops taking credit cards, the post provides alternatives (Visa gift cards at Safeway, via Giftcardmall, etc.).

  10. I hope number 1 is the case, and that Tim Pressman’s Twitter post is misguided. If number 2 is the case, then it seems like a good solution would be to buy VRs at Save Mart. I remember your story about buying VRs at a Save Mart in Stockton. What’s annoying about this predicament is that while Bluebird can alternatively be loaded using Visa gift cards, other prepaid debit cards can only be loaded with VRs. Are there any places other than Save Mart where you can successfully buy VRs?

    • PointChaser

      You can try some of the other stores on this list. I have a friend who’s still buying VR’s at 711, though I haven’t had such luck lately. I did find a 711 that still takes cc’s for Paypal cards. You can also try Alberton’s for VR’s. Otherwise, see if you can buy Paypower/ReloadIT cards at Safeway.

      I just made the rounds at a few stores in my town. There’s definitely a feeding frenzy over VR’s – the cashier at one store seemed perplexed and said she hadn’t heard anything about a “cash only” policy. We’ll find out for sure tomorrow.

  11. @Paul
    Wait a minute. Before you figured MS out, it was okay for someone to let the cat out of the bag. But now that you know what to do, time to put the cat back into the bag? Loser.

  12. Cash only for VRS definitely puts everybody on edge here. Peace? We all knew it was going to come sooner or later.

  13. So I can’t have a Bluebird and serve at the same time?

  14. If you purchase Visa gift cards at GiftCardMall through Extrabux, is the 1% cashback based on just the fees to purchase the card (e.g. $3.95 – $5.95) or does it also include the amount you load to the card?

    • Hi PointChaser, I was hoping for clarification on this as well. Does the 1% cash back apply to Visa Gift Cards? TopCashBack reduces their cash back for them to .5% on Visas. Just wanted to be sure before using ExtraBucks. It takes TopCashBack like 11 weeks to pay the .5% cash back as well. Does Extrabucks really pay out in a week?

      • PointChaser

        Yes, Extrabux offers 1%, though do keep in mind that shipping and fees aren’t eligible for cash back. Earnings will post to your account in 1-7 days, but you won’t be able to cash out for up to 90 days.

    • PointChaser

      It only applies to the value of the gift cards. Fees and shipping would not be eligible for cash back.

  15. “The fees are usually $3.95-$5.95 per $500 card, so you’re not paying substantially more to earn the same amount of points.”

    ummm, really? you and i learned a different type of math- perhaps yours is teh new math. using the old math, 3.95 -> 5.95 is a 50% increase. that isn’t just ‘substantial’ it’s massive and a game changer. even the 4.95 GC’s (+25%) is massive and makes many cards of questionable value for MS. At 1.2 plus gas, time, risks, not earning cc and loyalty points from a paid stay/flight, etc, the majority of my cards are out of play.

    • PointChaser

      Beggars can’t be choosers. The fact that we can still generate points at under 1.2 cents a piece is something to be grateful for. I explained how you can reduce the fees by either shopping through a portal or buying Amex gift cards and using those to purchase Visa gc’s at Safeway. The latter method would still result in a profit.

  16. On march 31st went to my Boston CVS to buy my Monthly $5000 of Vanilla Reload. NOT possible! Register said “Cash only Tender”.

    I have $5000 Monthly spend for : Health Insurance + Rent + Utilities + Misc that does NOT accept credit cards. WITHOUT vanilla reload I will LOSE $60,000 Mileage Points!!! HELP!

    Dear PointChaser, PLEASE give us an EXCELLENT Alternative ASAP!! PLEASE take us thru your Alternatives step-by-step! How do I convert YOUR VISA or AMEX Gift Cards to Vanilla Reload to pay my rent, health insurance, etc…?? It seems MUCH more complicated than buying Vanilla Reloads at my local CVS.

    This is like someone dying, I am in GRIEF….. I do NOT want to lose 60,000 miles…..

    • Jerry Mandel

      Buy One Vanilla cards. They are already debit cards. Not every CVS has them and, in some, they are behind the counter. But money orders at Walmart Money Center counters.

    • PointChaser

      Have you tried other stores in the area? It might just be that one location. First, find a grocery store that accepts credit cards for Visa gift cards. If they do, you can just buy those directly and then use the gift cards to load your Bluebird card at Walmart OR buy money orders.

      If you want to off-set some of the fees, do this:

      1. Sign up for a Big Crumbs account (if you want to use my referral link, that would be great!).

      2. Search for “American Express gift cards” on the Big Crumbs search tool, then click on the page. The current payout is 1.2% cash back and there should be a coupon code on the page that waives the $3.95 card fee. Click through to the Amex gift card store.

      3. You can buy up to $5,000 worth of gift cards per day. Since this is your first time doing this, buy a small gift card. You don’t want to end up with $5,000 worth of cards that your local grocery store won’t accept as payment for Visa gift cards.

      Before entering your payment info, make sure the card you’re using does not charge cash advance fees for Amex purchases. Check this Flyertalk thread for a list of cards that are safe/unsafe to use.

      4. Once the Amex gift cards arrive (usually 1-2 days), take them to your local grocery store and use them to buy Visa gift cards. But remember, you need to make sure your grocery store accepts credit card payments for these cards, since Amex gift cards are processed like credit cards. I’d stick to buying $500 or $1,000 at a time, and make sure you swipe the Amex gc yourself when payment is requested.

      Hope this helps. Email me if you have any questions!

      • Dear Tom,

        Sorry, I am still confused about the ALTERNATIVE Method to fund BlueBird.

        I NEED BLueBird—or somesuch to pay my: Rent + Health Insurance + Utilities + Misc. that is $5000 per month = $60,000 a year. NONE accept credit cards.

        Questions: PLEASE give us “An Idiots Guide to Funding BlueBird” !!

        1) I do NOT understand the “Cash Back” feature? What is it? How does it work?

        2) Is the $3.95 Card Fee ALWAYS waived?

        3) I am in Boston. Which Grocery Stores accept Credit Cards/AMEX GIft Cards for the VISA Gift Cards?

        4)PLEASE list some Credit Cards that are safe and NOT safe to use?

        5) Last Step: It is possible to load BLueBird with VISA Gift Cards?? How?

        6) Can I load BlueBird with AMEX GIft Cards?? Afterall, BlueBird is AMEX!! That would be EASIER!!

        7) Could you post pics of the cards I need to buy?I bought the WRONG Vanilla my first time! Do NOT want to make ANY mistakes!

        8) Make your Reply to Me—Your Main story with LOTS of pics, EASY step by step directions, questions answered, etc…

        9) Am counting on you guys—so I do NOT lose $60,000 Miles!!

        Many many many Thanks!!! Kim

        • Lord Advantine

          Kim, you’ve got to do your own research and do a lot of it. No one can spoonfeed you here.

          • This Blog’s reason for being is to impart useful information—and to share it with ALL of us. Or else, we would not be reading this Blog!

            If YOU have figured out a way around the CVS debacle–then share it with ALL of us!!

          • Kim, feel free to email me if you have questions about any of this.

  17. Just entered the MS game a few months ago with the VR/CVS and then loading onto my BB. Trying to figure out the best way to continue using BB (with the impending CVS shutdown looming) since I’m pretty comfortable with it – will be using your link for TCB > GCM route.

    But since I have an Ink Bold, I was thinking purchasing the GC at OD will net me more points? I have an Office Depot and Wal-Mart within a mile of my job so in theory this would be easy…

    Question is can you recommend specific VISA GC that can be bought at Office Depot that will be accepted at Wal-Mart for BB load? Thanks in advance for all your great info, done in a very easy to digest way 🙂

    • PointChaser

      Unfortunately, Office Depot either doesn’t carry Visa GC’s anymore or if they do, they usually do not accept credit cards. If you’ve found the holy grail at your local OD, then go for it. You want to look for gift cards issued by Bancorp, US Bank, and MetaBank (this is usually indicated on the back of the card). Good luck and let me know how it goes!

    • Jerry Mandel

      Buy One Vanilla **debit** cards (not gift cards). Not all CVSs have them .

  18. No problem getting Vanilla cards on a card at CVS in Hollywood, CA this morning.

    • PointChaser

      Thanks for sharing! My co-workers in LA will be thrilled to hear that.

    • The CVS nearby in Burbank accepted my VISA yesterday but confirmed the 4/4 elimination of any credit card for these purchases. Buy now while you can. This will all be just a memory next week.

  19. If vanilla reloads become cash-only, will we be able to still buy them with AmEx gift cards?

    • PointChaser

      Unfortunately not. Amex gift cards are processed like credit cards. My guess is cash-only will mean no git cards of any sort.

  20. Can we use the Amex giftcards from Bigcrumbs to load a Bluebird at Walmart?

    • PointChaser

      No, but you can use Amex gc’s to buy Vanilla Reloads and load those onto Bluebird. Or use Amex to buy Visa/MC gift cards and cash those out via money orders at Walmart.

      • WAIT a Minute—Can I go to CVS with my AMEX Gift Cards and BUY Vanilla Reloads??

        Does CVS treat AMEX Gift Cards as “Cash Only Tender”?? to buy Vanilla Reloads??

        Can I go to Walgreens and use AMEX Gift Cards to buy Vanilla Reloads?

        Can I go to 7-11 and use AMEX Gift Cards to buy Vanilla Reloads?

      • I am VERY confused!!

        WHERE can I use AMEX Gift Cards to BUY Vanilla Reloads???

        ONLY at Walmart?? Is that what you are saying??

        I thought you meant that AMEX Gift Cards + Visa Gift Cards could BUY Vanilla Reloads at: CVS, Walgreens, 7- 11, etc…

        I thought that these Stores see Gift Cards = Cash??

        Does your “Alternative Scenario” ONLY work at Walmart? Because Walmart accepts AMEX Gift Cards + VISA Gift Cards to BUY Vanilla Reloads??

        My nearest Walmart is an hour away. So BEFORE I make that Long Journey—I want to KNOW this works and HOW!

        Thanks for your explicit easy to understand reply!

        • Jerry Mandel

          Cut out all the nonsense about reload cards and buy One Vanilla debit cards-not at every CVS. I don’t know about limits on USPS money orders.

          • Dear Jerry, I believe that your ONE Vanilla Debit Cards now ALSO can NO longer be bought with a credit card. See CVS MEMO above…

          • Kim-One Vanilla is not on the CVS memo.

          • “Vanilla Reload Network” is on the memo, and I think that applies to One Vanilla cards as well as VR’s and Vanilla Network gift cards.

          • One Vanilla is not a gift card; it is a debit card. Also, it is not reloadable; use it up and it is done. I charge them at a CVS which does stock them.

          • I tried yesterday to do a cc purchase a One Vanilla Debit Card at a Virginia CVS yesterday and was told flatly that they too are now cash only. (as were all cards in the “vanilla network”) Curiously, I was told I could buy the Visa Gift Cards with a CC.

          • Thanks Will! I have to give this a shot then. That is some seriously good news if they’re accepting credit cards for gift card purchases.

          • 04/04 Today, at a CVS, I bought two One Vanilla debit cards with a new credit card. ($504.95 each.) The cash only policy is for reloadable cards. One $1,000 Walmart money order cost 68c in cash. Two $500 debit cards for one MO. Deposited MO in my bank branch. Met minimum spending in one round trip quickly. Note: Not all CVS carry One Vanilla. You can buy Visa and Master Card gift cards in grocery stores but you have to follow the packaging instructions to get PINs to convert them into debit cards.

          • Thanks Jerry. Since the memo mentioned “Vanilla Reload Network,” I assumed OneVanilla was included in that. I will give it a shot at my local CVS.

  21. clearly states the following for … Cash back is not available for Visa purchase Fee, Customization Fee, Hess Gasoline, Acro, Safeway, BP, Visa, or Gulf Cards. Does this mean that you can’t get the 1% on Visa cards anymore? Please advise. Thanks

    • PointChaser

      You still get cashback on the purchase of Visa gift cards. The only parts ineligible for cash back are the $3.95 fees per card and shipping.

  22. Hihi. Just went to 3 cvs on mkt st. One is already hard coded for cash on all reload cards including serve. One goes into effect tomorrow; the manager said ALL cvs… And the last one agreed that it’s coming…

    • PointChaser

      Thanks for the update. Have you tried the 711 on Market Street by any chance? It’s close to one of the CVS stores and in the past I’ve been able to buy Paypal cards with a credit card there.

      • Yes, that one didn’t work weeks ago when you told me about it in trying to buy Paypal reloads. Hard coded at register. I tried twice on my chase…

  23. what is advantage of purchasing amex gift cards and then using them to buy gift cards at grocery stores as opposed to just using any credit card to purchase visa gift cards at a grocery store. It just seems like an extra step.What am I missing?

    • PointChaser

      If you buy the Amex gift cards online by clicking through a shopping portal (i.e. Big Crumbs), you’ll earn cash back (varies between 1.2-3.5%). This cash back amount not only off-sets manufactured spending fees, sometimes you earn money for buying these cards. For example, when Big Crumbs was offering 3.5% cash back and $0 fees, a $5k purchase resulted in roughly a $125 profit after you factored in shipping and the cost of cashing out via Vanilla Reloads. You can read more about that here.

  24. It’s officially over. All the cvs registers on mkt street are hard coded to decline once serve is swiped. I tried 3 different serve cards. They all showed me the declined message. Then she showed me all the vanilla reloads they had hanging on the rack. She said someone tried this morning and it’s cash only….

    • PointChaser

      Yeah, that’s really too bad. On the plus side, there’s still Amex for Target and Visa gift cards. The only time I’ll really be concerned is if Walmart stops selling money orders.

  25. Confirmed, cash only for VR in SoCal. Just bought 10K yesterday thank goodness!

  26. I see people talking about purchasing Money orders. Can you buy the money orders with a visa gift card with a pin #. Can somebody explain the process of buying the money orders and what the fees are involved…. Thank you

    • PointChaser

      Yes, you can use PIN-enabled Visa and Mastercard gift cards to buy money orders. The fees at Walmart vary – I’ve paid between $0.25-$0.75 per money order. They come in increments of up to $1,000 so if you buy $1,500 in money orders, you’ll pay three fees (i.e. between $0.75-$2.25).

      Simply walk up to the Money Center at Walmart and ask for a money order in the desired amount. You can split your payment between up to four cards. Make sure you tell the cashier this before you proceed with your payment. The cashier will prompt you to swipe your card and enter your PIN. How you set your PIN number depends on the card. For the Visa cards purchased through Gift Card Mall, the PIN can be set up online. For gift cards purchased at most grocery store, you set the PIN the first time you use it (just enter whatever number you want when purchasing money orders and that sets the PIN).

  27. Are there any Visa/MC with pins available at office stores that can be purchased with a credit card?

    • PointChaser

      There are Visa gift cards that come in $200 increments with a $6.95 fee. With the Ink Bold/Plus, you’re earning 1k points, so the fee is actually less than purchasing $500 gift cards with a $3.95 fee.

  28. We seem to be all operating on the assumption that with CVS now requiring cash only for VRC’s that we’re out of options to use VRC’s to load BlueBird (with cc spendings). But what about the gas stations/markets that (according to the VRC web site) carry the VRC’s? Over the past few weeks, I’ve tried Valero, 7/11, Sheetz, Sunoco, etc. here in Virginia, and of the few that had them (Sheetz), they were cash only.

    I’d given up, but then yesterday, I was in a rush at a BP/Virginia Oil market — and to my great surprise, I saw they had a very large gift card selection — and yup, VRC’s were top center of two of the racks…. No mention/signs of cash only. Alas, it was rush hour, and the lines were long…. going back tomorrow…. to find out!

    • PointChaser

      You should always give it a shot. I thought a particular grocery store hardcoded ReloadIT cards into their registers to accept cash only, but then went to a location last weekend where they did an override and let me pay with a credit card. Keep trying – you’ll hit a gold mine eventually.

      • SUCCESS. (and thanks for the encouragement.) That BP market was busy as always, yet the clerk recognized right away what I was purchasing and accepted the cc payment for one vrc purchase, loaded to $500– no problems. Loaded it to Bluebird, as per usual. Cool.

  29. I don’t see where Extrabux is no longer offering cash back. I still see 1% back for giftcardmall.

  30. I’m glad that CVS stopped accepting CC payment, I’ve learnt about so many different methods because of it!

  31. My friend sent me $1000 Amazon payment in April, is it safe for me to send him back $1000 this month (May)?

    • PointChaser

      Lots of people have been able to do send money back and forth without issues, so I’m sure it’s ok.

  32. Can i load my Serve Card with Gift Cards at Money Pass machines?

  33. Revision: Can I load my Serve Card with Gift cards at a MoneyPass ATM (non Walmart)

    • PointChaser

      Unfortunately not. You can, however, load Serve online with a mile-earning credit card (anything other than Amex).

  34. can anyone confirm Sheetz gas stations accept credit cards for $500 variable load Visa gift cards? trying to use the 5% freedom this quarter. TIA

  35. It’s cool that y’all earn frequent flyer miles this way, but why not just earn cash from a similar method? I buy unused store gift cards for half price from people that don’t want them and go purchase the visa vanilla reloads to make nearly double the money.

    All you have to do is set up the purchase in the parking lot of the store whose gift card you are buying from the person that doesn’t want it, call the number on the back of the card to ensure all of the cash is in the card, make the transaction and head inside the store.

    Once inside the store, purchase a visa vanilla reload card with that stores gift card and transfer the balance from the store gift card to the visa vanilla reload. Voilà you just doubled your cash. I usually buy $50 or $100 face value gift cards at a time for half price and get $46 or $96 when I transfer the funds onto the visa cards.

    *Pro tip: drug addicts will sell their (Walmart, kmart, rite aid, cvs etc.) Store gift cards for half price all day long. There’s no risk involved. Anything that can be purchased at said store can be purchased with said store’s gift cards, even other gift cards, visa cards etc..

    • Thanks for the comic relief. 🙂

      • You really think I’m joking about that? Try it for yourself. Go to Walmart, buy a $50 Walmart gift card go grab a $25 – $500 visa gift card, I always transfer the cash onto the visa gift card that is silver in color and has what looks like a wrapped gift with a red bow on the front, I’m pretty sure it is a vanilla reload card but either way it’s visa and you can spend it anywhere…

        Whether you can find people to sell their gift cards to you for half price or not is on you. But you can find out that I’m not full of shit for yourself just by buying a Walmart gift card and transferring the funds from one card to the other.
        Don’t worry I’ll wait.

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