This Week’s #TRLT Chat Topic: Visas on the Road Less Traveled

Kabul Airport

For those interested in a unique and fun Twitter chat, come join #TRLT (The Road Less Traveled) on Tuesday at 10 AM (PT)/1 PM (ET). This week’s topic will be visas on The Road Less Traveled. Below is a list of questions:

Q1: Which countries have the easiest and hardest pre-arrival visa to obtain?

Q2: In your experience, is it easier, the same, or more difficult to obtain a visa for The Road Less Traveled?

Q3: Should travelers obtain pre-arrival visas in their home country or whilst already on the road? Why?

Q4: Which country are you most deterred from visiting because of their visa process or restrictions?

Q5: Any advice for for travelers seeking to apply for visas in advance?

Be sure to join me and my co-founders, Shane and Savannah every Tuesday at 10 AM (PT)/1 PM (ET).

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