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Should You Use Walmart Bill Pay for Manufactured Spending?

This past weekend I held three webinars where I addressed people’s manufactured spending questions. It was fun and something I hope to repeat on a monthly basis (once I find a better meeting platform). Anyway, a topic that came up quite a bit during all three sessions was Walmart Bill Pay. People wanted to know what it was, whether I’ve used it, which credit cards can be paid with it, and whether they should even bother with it. I think a lot of readers are curious about Walmart Bill Pay, so I want to go ahead and address it here: Stay away from Walmart Bill Pay.

Walmart Money Order

Remember how Barclay shut down all of my credit cards? It happened weeks after I used Walmart Bill Pay to pay off my Barclay card balances using Visa gift cards.I had been using the Barclay Arrival card for heavy duty manufactured spending for several years. I didn’t get shut down until I started paying off my balance with Walmart Bill Pay. A few people who had their accounts shut down had warned me about it. I knew better. I think I may have even warned readers not to do this. So when I got shut down, I wasn’t entirely surprised – just mad at myself for being irresponsible.

That being said, I did use Walmart Bill Pay to pay off my Discover It Miles Card for a year without incident. I put about $100,000 worth of manufactured spending on that card and I probably used Walmart Bill Pay at least 80% of the time. It was a very quick way to liquidate Visa gift cards during my Walmart runs. It also made it possible to MS more efficiently in the limited time period I had to take advantage of the 3% cash back offer. Does that mean you should go out and do the same? No. Just because I didn’t get shut down, that doesn’t mean you won’t.

A year ago I knew people who were spending $40,000+ per month on the Wells Fargo card without any problems. My card was shut down a month after I got it. I had spend less than $5,000 on it! This happened after several people assured me they were able to manufacture spend with that card without any issues. These people made their recommendations based on their experiences, and mine turned out to be different. Discover might decide tomorrow that they don’t like people using Walmart Bill Pay and shut down your account.

My recommendation? Steer clear of Walmart Bill Pay. It’s not worth losing a valuable card account, especially not if you have other options (i.e. buying money orders). That being said, I want to hear from you all: Are you using Walmart Bill Pay as part of your manufactured spending strategy? Which credit cards are you paying off through the service?

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  1. Kristi Southard

    Hi there. My name is Kristi and I love your website & advice. I live in Indianapolis and miss out on your “get together’s”. Would you consider recording them? I’d be happy to pay to fee.

  2. I use the Bill Pay for my mortgage every month, but little else. It’s not a huge gain, but it works for me.

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