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US Airways Extends 100% Bonus When You Buy/Gift Miles

Last week I listed the US Airways 100% Bonus offer on purchased/gifted miles as ending on November 30. This deal was originally supposed to expire at the end of October, but was extended through November. I’d been wrestling with the idea of buying miles, especially since I’m trying to hit 500,000 by next summer without credit card churning. 

Today, I got a nice surprise in my inbox. US Airways has extended the offer through December 7, 2012.   For those of you who had regrets about not taking advantage of this offer, you have 5 more days to do so. If you go all in, you’ll be buying 100,000 miles for around $1,750. This gets you a low-season roundtrip Business Class ticket to Europe, South America, or North Asia (90,000 miles). 

Do you plan on purchasing miles through this promotion? What do you plan on redeeming your miles for?

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