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United Does Mistake Fares All Wrong

And no, I’m not referring the 4 point mistake fare debacle of 2012. I was playing around with routings for a trip recently. I’m considering Australia, Bali, the Maldives and wanted to see how much of the trip I could work into a single itinerary. When I got to the final step of the process, I was quoted a reasonable 145,000 miles + $316 in taxes and fees for two people (SFO-MLE-DPS, SYD-SFO). The insane part?

“Save your miles and pay $20,118.60 for this trip in economy…or $29,034.60 in First/Business Class.”

United Award

I don’t know what’s crazier: That they are pricing economy seats at $20k or that they think people are actually going to book them at this price? If this is a glitch, it’s apparently widespread because so far, every time I’ve pieced together a similar itinerary, I’ve been given an equally insane purchase option.

I’m all for mistake fares, United, but not like this!

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  1. Sounds like a great trip. I’d guess it’s because on complex routings like this, all it does is add up the full Y fare for each segment. It is likely NOT a mistake, but of course nobody would likely buy it

    • Yes, that must be it. But still – $20k. For an economy ticket. On the upside, you are getting $0.27/mile out of this award.

  2. Are you staying in Maldives? Look like your flight is going to Bali…

    Great job done.

    • PointChaser

      It’s all tentative, but the flight goes San Francisco – Maldives -Bali, then Sydney – SFO. I’d book a separate flight from Bali – Sydney.

  3. My upcoming SFO-(SIN)-DPS-DEL-SFO trip priced out to $40k or something crazy like that for a mixed saver award- Y going, C coming back. Maybe United does it to make us feel good about our redeptions. I’m sure I could piece together a trip for less cash than that. In both cases those numbers are CRAZY!

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