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Everything You Need to Know About Uber Rewards

Uber finally has rewards program…Uber Rewards. It comes as no surprise that after launching an unremarkable Uber Credit Card, the rideshare app would launch an in-app rewards program. This is great news for all Uber users – whether you utilize the rideshare service or Uber Eats (eats-uberpointchaser) frequently or during occasional travel, you’ll get rewarded for your loyalty. Personally, I always compare Uber prices with Lyft and pick the cheapest one. I’ll continue to do that regardless of rewards program benefits. That being said, here’s an overview of what Uber Rewards entails:

How do I sign up for Uber Rewards?

If you already have an Uber account, simply open the app, tap on the hamburger menu on the upper left corner and follow a ~2 step process to activate Uber Rewards.

Join Uber Rewards
How to join Uber Rewards

If you don’t see Uber Rewards on the menu, then Uber Rewards is not yet available in your area. You should receive a notification (assuming you’ve enabled them) once Uber Rewards does become available.

If you don’t have an Uber account, you can get earn $2 off your first three rides if you sign up with my Uber referral link. I’ll get a $5 credit in return.

How do I earn points with Uber Rewards?

Uber Rewards offers up to 3 points per $1 when you request a ride or order food through Uber Eats. Point earnings depend on which service you utilize:

  • 1 point $1 spent on Uber Eats and Pool trips
  • 2 points per $1 spent on UberX, UberXL, or Select
  • 3 points per $1 spent on Black and Black SUV trips

Notably, Uber bike and scooter rides are not eligible for earning or redeeming points. Each point is worth about 1 cent, which is pretty good. Considering Uber is already outdoing Lyft by introducing a rewards program, they could certainly have opted to be less generous and it wouldn’t have made a difference to most users.

How do I redeem Uber Rewards points?

Uber Rewards members can redeem $5 in Uber cash for every 500 points earned. Points can be applied towards Uber rides or Uber Eats orders.

Uber Rewards elite levels

Uber Rewards features three different elite tiers, based on the number of points earned every year. The benefits vary by membership tier:

Uber Gold status

Earning Uber Rewards Gold status requires earning 500 points. I got upgraded to Gold status as soon as I joined Uber Rewards, due to previous order history:

Uber Rewards Gold Status
Uber Rewards Gold Status

Uber Eats Gold status includes the following benefits:

  • Priority support
  • Flexible cancellation

Uber Platinum status

Earning Uber Rewards Gold status requires earning 2,500 points.

  • Priority support
  • Flexible cancellation
  • Price protection
  • Priority pickups at airports

Uber Diamond status

Earning Uber Rewards Gold status requires earning 7,500 points.

  • Priority support
  • Flexible cancellation
  • Price protection
  • Priority pickups at airports
  • Premium support
  • Highly rated drivers
  • Complimentary upgrades
  • Free delivery ($0 fee) on 3 Uber Eats orders

Uber Rewards elite benefits

Below is an overview of what each Uber Rewards elite benefit entails:

Priority support (Gold, Platinum, Diamond members)

Enjoy fast response times from experienced support agents both on rides and Uber Eats. Uber makes no guarantees about wait times. This benefit is only available in the U.S.

Flexible cancellations (Gold, Platinum, Diamond)

Cancelation fees are refunded when you rebook within 15 minutes. This excludes UberPool rides and is only available in the US. This benefit can be used once per hour at most, up to three total uses per Earnings Window.

Price protection on UberX between your two favorite places (Platinum, Diamond)

What are your two favorite places to hitch Uber rides to? You better pick them out before you hit Platinum status. During peak hours, fare increases are limited. They still go up, but Platinum and Diamond members will pay about 20% less than everyone else. This is a useful benefit for who use Uber to commute for work in a big city, where surge pricing can be quite high. “Favorite Places” can be changed once every 30 days.

Priority pickups at airports (Platinum, Diamond)

At some airport, Platinum and Diamond members will receive faster pick-ups. This is great for those times when you’re traveling during a busy season and the curb is lined with people waiting to hitch an Uber ride.

Premium support (Diamond)

As part of Premium support, Diamond members’ in-app messages are prioritized. Take it from someone who recently had an issue with Uber Eats, they can be very slow to respond. Getting bumped ahead in front of others reporting issues could be a big time saver.

Highly rated drivers (Diamond)

This benefit is a little odd, because doesn’t Uber kick off drivers who achieve less than a 4.5 star rating? Well as a Diamond member, Uber will match you to their highest-rated drivers. 

Complimentary upgrades (Diamond)

Uber Rewards Diamond members qualify for “surprise” upgrades on select UberX rides. Select airports and venues are excluded. 

Free delivery ($0 fee) on 3 Uber Eats orders (Diamond)

Upon earning Diamond status, Uber Eats will waive the fee on 3 orders every 6 months. Busy Area fees are also waived. 

Final thoughts on Uber Rewards

The Uber Rewards program is a lot better than I had anticipated. To essentially get a 1% return on your Uber rides and Uber Eats orders is pretty generous. Especially when you combine it with the rewards you’re earning from your credit cards. Uber Rewards is free to join, so I would absolutely recommend it. That being said, cash is king. So I’m personally not going to choose Uber every time just because of the rewards program. I’ll continue making my rideshare and food delivery app choices based on cost over anything else.

Have you joined Uber Rewards yet? Did you get upgraded to Gold right out of the gate?

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