Review: Turkish Airlines Business Class Vienna to Istanbul

After a great flight on Austrian business class from LAX to Vienna, we flew Turkish Airlines business class from Vienna to Istanbul. Our layover in Vienna was short, so we skipped the lounge. The plane arrived late and we were ushered through the jet bridge a little prematurely: They were still cleaning the plane. My nephew did not like this and began crying for milk. After about 15 minutes, we were allowed to board and the flight attendants made a mad dash for milk while the other passengers were boarding.

The crew was terrific. So friendly, warm and patient. During boarding, one of the business class passengers gave the flight attendant an earful about the delay on the jet bridge. She responded in the most calm, professional way possible. She was also incredibly sweet and accommodating to the kids. 

Turkish Airlines Business Class Welcome Drinks

The flight was just two hours long, but they still pulled out all the stops with a full-blown meal. Shortly after boarding, the crew came around with welcome drinks, which consisted of mint lemonade and some kind of fruit punch. Both were delicious.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Review welcome drinks VIE - IST
Turkish Airlines Business Class welcome drinks

Menus were then distributed…

Turkish Airlines Business Class Review menu Vienna to Istanbul
Turkish Airlines Business Class menu Vienna to Istanbul

Along with IFE tablets. I was surprised at the huge selection of movies, tv shows, and games. It was definitely more than enough to keep the kids entertained on such a brief flight.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Review IFE tablet
IFE tablet onboard Turkish Airlines Business Class

Turkish Airlines Business Class Meal Service

I had ordered the grilled swordfish brochette for myself and the lamb shank for my niece. Somehow I missed the “Turkish Mezze” and “Hummus” portion of the menu when I ordered. Needless to say when two huge platters came around with hummus and mezze, I almost wanted to cancel the main entree. The portions were huge and basically constituted a second meal.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Review mezze and hummus
Turkish Airlines Business Class mezze, hummus, and dessert

The flight attendant first brought out the little bowl of cheese, hummus, and rice pudding. I always find it weird when airlines bring out the dessert with the appetizer. They do it in British Airways business class and it’s kind of pointless because you still have to wait for your main course before eating it. That being said, it was all delicious. When the bread basket came around, I had to pass.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Review meal Vienna to Istanbul
Turkish Airlines Business Class meal: Grilled swordfish brochette

Shortly after this huge meal-before-the-meal, the main course was served. Turkish Airlines has a reputation for their amazing catering and it was definitely well deserved. Both entrees were delicious.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Review meal VIE-IST lamb and rice
Turkish Airlines Business Class meal: lamb and rice

I opted for the swordfish because I thought the lamb would be too heavy. That wasn’t the case at all and I realized you can easily polish this off after that huge appetizer tray. My niece wasn’t big on the appetizers or main course, so I had to finish it for her. Hey, I was trying to teach her a lesson about not wasting food. 😉

Final Thoughts on Turkish Airlines Business Class

With that, the meal service wrapped. It was all delicious but way too much for such a short flight. Before we landed, the flight attendants came around to every passenger and asked, “Did you enjoy your flight today?” They weren’t even asking us to fill out surveys – they just wanted to know if we had a good flight. How could we not? It was two hours of getting fed like children in a gingerbread house. The seat was comfortable and the flight crew was great. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Have you flown Turkish Airlines business class between Vienna and Istanbul before? What are your thoughts on the experience?

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  1. Turkish Business Class IST to IAH was amazing. Best food ever on any airline.

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