#TRLT on Tuesday at 10 AM (PT): Natural Wonders on The Road Less Traveled

Solang, Afghanistan
Solang, Afghanistan

I hope you’re all enjoying your day off, and that reading this post is a mere distraction from all the fun you’re having rather than a way to kill time. Tomorrow is the weekly #TRLT chat on Twitter. Be sure to join me and my co-hosts for an hour where we’ll discuss natural wonders on the road less traveled. Here are this week’s questions:

Q1: Which is your favorite type of natural wonder (mountains, deserts, forests, beaches)?

Q2: What natural wonder on TRLT provided the biggest surprise?

Q3: Have you encountered problems visiting any natural wonder on TRLT? What happened?

Q4: What was your favourite natural wonder on TRLT? Please share a photo.

Q5: What natural wonder on TRLT are you most keen to visit?

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