#TRLT Today at 10 AM (PT): Culture Shock on The Road Less Traveled

Shah-Do Shamshira Mosque in Kabul
Shah-Do Shamshira Mosque in Kabul

It’s Tuesday, which means every travel chat imaginable is happening today. Join me and my to co-founders, Shane and Savannah for #TRLT at 10 AM (PT)/1 PM (ET). The topic will be culture shock on the road less traveled. Below are this week’s questions:

Q1: Can you recall the first time you experienced culture shock? What happened?

Q2: Where was the most severe case of culture shock you experienced? What made it so bad?

Q3: Do you have any tips on how to avoid culture shock when traveling? Is it a normal part of the travel experience?

Q4: Have you ever experienced reverse culture shock when returning home? What happened?

Q5: Which aspect of your own culture do you think causes the most shock for outsiders?

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