#TRLT on Tuesday at 10 AM (PT): Travel Dreams & Memories 2013

Hana Highway Maui Scenery

It’s New Year’s Eve and yet again we’re having our weekly #TRLT chat. Not to be biased, but this is turning into one of the most fun and interesting travel chats on Twitter. It’s not to be missed. Though I’ll be sitting this one out as I’m traveling back home from a week in Australia, my co-founders/hosts, Shane and Savannah will keep things going. This week’s topic is travel memories & dreams 2013. Below are the questions:

This week’s topic? Festivals on the road less traveled. Here are the questions:

Q1: What was your highlight on The Road Less Traveled in 2013?

Q2: Which destination on The Road Less Traveled in 2013 provided the biggest surprise?

Q3: What was the biggest travel lesson you learned in 2013?

Q4: What are your plans on The Road Less Traveled in 2014?

Q5: What travel goal have you set yourself in 2014?

Be sure to join #TRLT every Tuesday at 10 AM (PT)/1 PM (ET).

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  1. Sorry if this is a basic question, but how do I listen in to the conversation?

    • Not at all. When you’re on twitter, type #TRLT into the search bar. You’ll see the entire conversation by participants. Be sure to open a separate tab with either Shane or Savannah’s profile, so you can keep track of the questions much more easily. And don’t forget to hashtag everything #TRLT when you participate in the chat. Kendra has a great piece, in case I’m not explaining it well enough.

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