#TRLT on Tuesday at 10 AM (PT): Historical Sites on The Road Less Traveled

Sultanahmed Mosque Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque exterior

This Tuesday we’re hosting yet another #TRLT chat on Twitter. Be sure to join us at 10 AM (PT)/1 PM (ET). This week’s topic will be Historical Sites on the Road Less Traveled. Below are this week’s questions.

Q1: Which type of historical site do you like visiting the most (ancient cities, religious places, palaces)?

Q2: What is your favorite historical site on The Road Less Traveled and why? Share a photo.

Q3: What historical site provided you with the biggest surprise on The Road Less Traveled?

Q4: What historical site on The Road Less Traveled are you most keen to visit?

Q5: What country on The Road Less Traveled would you recommend to travellers interested in historical sites?

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