#TRLT at 10 AM (PT): Ceremonial Customs on The Road Less Traveled

Galatasaray Square Istiklal Avenue Istanbul
Galatasaray Square Istiklal Avenue Istanbul

Join me for this this week’s #TRLT chat, where we’ll be discussing ceremonial customs on The Road Less Traveled. The chat starts at 10 AM (PT)/2 PM (ET). We’ll be covering the following questions:

Q1. What are your Favorite ceremonial customs?

Q2. What is the most interesting custom you have seen on The Road Less Traveled?

Q3. Name a custom on The Road Less Travelled that you would like to see adopted in your home country.

Q4. Have you ever participated in a custom on The Road Less Travelled?

Q5. What was the most extreme custom you ever saw or participated in on #TRLT?

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