Trip Report: Summer 2011 – Introduction

My summer 2011 trip was an amazing experience that not only helped me escape a miserable job, but set off my points and miles obsession.

View from the wing

The trip was very last minute – my dad called me at work one week before departure, notifying me that he had booked the tickets. I was able to get three weeks off and we were all set to leave on June 14.

I was thrilled and looking forward to the trip. Aiming to pack just a carry-on, I got talked into taking a giant suitcase and stuffing 80% of my wardrobe into it. Nonetheless, it was an amazing trip that completely changed my outlook. I became much more positive and learned to enjoy life and take it easy, especially after visiting Kabul. I’m a control freak and Kabul is about as chaotic as any place can get. I realized early on that I had no control over the tornado of dysfunction around me, and that I better ease up and just enjoy it for what it was.

Going back to Germany, where I grew up, was very comforting. I had always loved the serenity of rural Denmark, I finally got to see what all the hype was about in Dubai, and I was going back to where I was born.  I have fond memories of that trip and look forward to sharing them in the next few posts.

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