Trip Report: British Airways Business Class Lounge Heathrow Airport

had a 5 hour stop-over at Heathrow. If Charles De Gaulle was the worst airport I ever navigated, London Heathrow was hands down the best. In addition to clear signage, there were airport staff in every corner, telling people which way to go. I easily made my way to the terminal, which was lively and resembled a shopping mall more than an airport terminal. I found an electronics store that sold batteries and chargers, at pretty reasonable prices. The same charger I found at the San Francisco Radio Shack for $80 was just $60, plus this one came with a car charger and various converters. With my charger in hand, I followed signs to the British Airways Galleries Lounge in Terminal 5.

It was located on the third level of a very quiet area, right above the Concorde Room. The lounge had a buffet station with a decent selection of soup, salad, various entree items, and a separate area with coffee and espresso machines. The food was pretty bland, but I wasn’t that hungry to begin with.

British Airways Business Class (London Heathrow)

After a quick bite, I decided to check out the offerings at the Elemis Spa. I believe you can choose from a facial, a shoulder massage, and a foot massage. I scheduled an appointment for a facial but decided to hit the shower first. The showers are located right behind the Elemis Spa and the attendant simply gives you a key. Towels are found inside, along with shampoo/bodywash, lotion, and a hairdryer.

I ended up using one of the towels to clean the shower, which was pretty filthy. I will spare you from photos. Despite the state of the shower room, it was still nice to have a shower after a day of traveling. The facial was a very relaxing experience and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the lounge. The attendant gave me a handful of samples and I made sure to tip her well.

I went back to the lounge, had some coffee, wasted time on the internet, and headed to the gate 45 minutes before departure. The gate was further than I had anticipated. About 10 minutes after arrival, Business Class passengers were invited to board.

British Airways Business Class Lounge (London Heathrow)

Overall, I loved Heathrow and especially the British Airways lounge. It was a relaxed atmosphere and though the food wasn’t the best, it was still tolerable and certainly on par with anything I would have picked up at an airport cafe.

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