Transcript: Points and Miles Conversation With A Family Member

My cousin, who is awesome, came over yesterday. I hadn’t seen her in a while, so we started talking about her trip to Jordan. She had traveled there for a friend’s wedding. She’s not involved in this hobby at all, but she sort of pays attention when I talk about it sometimes. That became crystal clear during our conversation, which started as empty small talk but soon evolved into one that required diligent transcription on my part. You’re welcome:

Me: “Make sure you claim your miles from that flight.”

Her: “How do I do that?”

Me: “Google ‘Alaska claim miles’ and enter your frequent flyer number.”

Her: “I don’t have a frequent flyer number.”

Me: “Well you have to get one before you claim your miles.”

Her: “How do I do that?”

– – – –

Me: “Did you have a good flight home from Vancouver?”

Her: “Yes. My ticket was only $150 RT.”

Me: “That’s good.”

Her: “Yeah, and I got $50 back because I had to spend 8 hours at the airport.”

Dead silence.

– – – –

Me: “So how was the wedding?”

Her: “Good! The wedding was fun. Except I forgot to bring my passport.”

Me: “You need a passport to go to a wedding?”

Her: “Yeah there’s checkpoints everywhere and they ask for your passport. Thankfully they didn’t ask to see it but if they did, I was going to pretend to be asleep.”

Me: “That works?”

Her: “Oh hey! I told all my friends about your blog. They asked me what card to get and I said to get the Chase card.”

Me: “Which Chase card?”

Her: “You know, the Chase card. They said they would go online and look for it.”


Her: “Also, I told everyone to vote for your blog on the USA Today thing.”

Me: “Aww, thanks!”

Her: “Yeah but one of my FB friends told everyone to vote for HER friend’s blog.”

Me: “Who’s her friend?”

Her: “Hold on, let me reactivate my Facebook account…….The Points Guy.”

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  1. Don’t you love conversations like those? LOL

  2. ROFL…

  3. Sexy_Kitten7

    LOL! Reminds me of when I first got into this hobby

    Me: And as a Silver, I have a small chance of getting a free upgrade.

    Friend: What’s an upgrade?

  4. Tim Pressman

    My mother in law, who wouldn’t get on a plane if her life depended on it, last week spent $5500 on a credit card that gives her nothing. Asked if we could charge it and her write s check she said it was inconvenient to do so. FML. So saying we are popping up for a short weekend to see her. This would have helped offset a little more of the $$$ it’s costing.

  5. My parents both signed up for Hyatt cards with the 2 free nights per my suggestion. It’s a good match for us because we meet them in NYC occasionally. As it started to get closer to booking time, I learned that my mom got the two free nights and let them expire while my dad got the card and forgot to put any spend on it. Can’t force this hobby on your family

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