This Week’s #TRLT Chat: Border Crossings on the Road Less Traveled

Safi Airways Aerial View of Afghanistan

Happy Tuesday! The #TRLT (The Road Less Traveled) Twitter chat takes place at 10 AM (PT)/1 PM (ET) today. This week’s topic will be border crossings on The Road Less Traveled. Below are the questions we’ll be asking during the chat:

Q1: What is your preferred method of crossing borders (air, water, land) and why?

Q2: Which The Road Less Traveled border were you most apprehensive to cross and why

Q3: What is the most drastic change you’ve experienced when crossing a border on The Road Less Traveled?

Q4: What is your most memorable border crossing experience on The Road Less Traveled?

Q5: Any tips for your fellow travelers when crossing borders?

These chats are always fun and informative, so join in and me and my co-founders/hosts, Shane and Savannah every Tuesday at 10 AM (PT)/1 PM (ET).

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  1. lindamariagomez

    I’m looking forward to others tips..I always prefer crossing by air..it just seems safer to me 🙂

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