The Most Useful Resource for Learning About Points and Miles

It’s been about five years since I got involved in the points and miles game, and it’s really changed my life for the better. Not just in terms of how I travel, but how I earn a living and spend my free time. I remember reading about the U.S. Mint Deal in an NPR article and then signing up for a free trial of the Travel Hacking Cartel to learn more. That only left me more confused: What did credit cards have to do with traveling for free? Was that really all people were doing to earn miles? How was this sustainable? These were some of the questions I was left with, so I explored further and soon came across the single most useful resource in my journey:

Get this travel blogging thing right and this could be your office

Free Frequent Flyer Miles is run by a man named Gary Steiger. I’ve never met him but Rick, the founder of Frugal Travel Guy, told me he’s been in the game for many years. He seems to be a low key guy, staying out of the press and points and miles conferences, but I think his blog deserves way more credit than it receives. It may not be the flashiest looking blog out there. But it was absolutely the most useful to me. Why? Because it covered the most basic thing we’re all looking for: All the different ways to collect airline miles and hotel points, at minimal out of pocket cost. By reading through the entire blog, I was able to create my own database of deals. I also learned about all the major points and miles blogs that I still read today.

Gary does a great job of keeping the site updated with the latest information. As an added bonus, it’s done in a very simple format that makes everything easy to find. The “What’s New” page has a list of credit card deals and bonus point promotions listed by date. There’s everything from well known deals like the 75,000 point Citi Hilton HHonors Visa sign-up bonus to 25,000 miles offered by United Airlines for the purchase of a used Mercedes. Where else do you see random deals like this? None of the other points and miles blogs I still read on a regular basis. 

If you’re new to points and miles or want a comprehensive database of ways to earn more miles, check out the Free Frequent Flyer Miles blog. It’s a great resource for both newbies and those who’ve been involved in this game for many years. I learned more from reading this blog than any other. The site isn’t well optimized, so you may not come across it during a Google search. Check it out and hopefully you’ll find new ways to earn extra miles through the many offers listed.

Some would argue that sites like Flyertalk or Reddit are the best places to get information about points, miles, and travel hacking in general. I do use these resources for various purposes. However, when it comes to finding a comprehensive database of points and miles deals, I find Free Frequent Flyer Miles to be the best resource. Why? Because everything is in one place and easily searchable.

What was the most useful resource in your quest to learn more about the points and miles game? Are there any blogs you want to give a shoutout to that don’t get much attention?

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  1. Hi Ariana,

    Thank you for pointing out this site; it’s always good to have another resource in your back pocket!
    One reason I like your blog so much is that most of the people who post here are very friendly. And if they aren’t, you know how to deal with them. I have been on the Flyertalk and Reddit sites and must say that I haven’t posted because a lot of the people who frequent them are less than hospitable. Hopefully Gary’s people are just as friendly as those here and as laid back as you say that he is.


  2. I also love Gary’s simple but very useful blog. But I do have to give a shout out to DoctorOfCredit and MilesToMemories. These guys are always out in front of everyone else so you get a day or two jump on things before they dry up.

    Of course you have to include MommyPoints and Darius’ MillionMileSecrets. Darius takes a lot of heat from his followers, but like Gary, he consolidates things very well.

  3. Your blog is great. It has a no-nonsense approach to miles and points collecting and has contributed to my own success in traveling.

  4. TheBigEasyTraveler

    Great article and congratulations on your success. I’ve only started following you extensively within the last several months. Too bad I didn’t “Chase” you in the past.

      • Brianne ball

        Hi! Loooove your blog. Placed a $500 VGC order through Yazing to GCMall. Just got an email stating it had been cancelled stating it has not been approved by their security screening process. It was my first large order…used CSReserve card. Ever heard of this? Was it the card? Thoughts? Trying to meet min spend:)

        • That happens with GCM sometimes – I haven’t been able to get an order approved for a while now (and I wasn’t even milking GCM like I did I have no idea how to circumvent this, but in my case I’ve tried to place orders with ever single card in my wallet and I can’t even check out anymore.

  5. Thanks for the link to Garry’s blog. I still have yours at the top of my reading list!

  6. I had forgotten about his site because it’s not feed compatible – thanks for the link – glad to see he’s still at it!

  7. I too had forgotten about this gem, and after just a quick perusal, I’m awed — and grateful to you for the fine re-intro and reminder. You’re especially right about the off-the-beaten path fun stuff, like … “war zone tourism.” Who knew? 🙂 Beirut & Damascus high on my list.

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