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How to Thank Your Favorite Walmart Cashier

I count myself lucky for many reasons, one being that I’ve finally settled on a single Walmart location where I can do the majority of my manufactured spending. I go there almost every day to buy money orders know pretty much every single employee and manager at this store and everyone is terrific. If you’ve ever shopped at Walmart, you’ve probably had the cashier ask you to fill out a survey at the bottom of the receipt. Like me, you’ve probably ignored this request, thinking it doesn’t matter. Well, we’re both wrong because today I learned it makes a difference.

In the past, I’ve had Walmart cashiers and even a manager ask me to fill out the survey because “it really helps our store”. I always ignored these surveys, thinking they were insignificant. However, I was told it actually makes a difference. After this, I always made an effort to fill out at least one survey for each employee who rang me up. Sometimes, if they asked me to do it again, I would. The cashiers at this location are supportive of my hobby and make things so easy. The least I can do is fill out a brief form. 

Yesterday, I was buying my usual $10,000 in money orders when an employee got in line behind me. I was halfway through with my $10k purchase, so I told the cashier to ring her up next. I’ve gotten to know both employees well and they’ve always been nothing short of awesome.

We chit chatted while the cashier rang her up and she mentioned that she was on her lunch break. Then she asked if I was filling out the survey for the cashier helping me. “Sure, if she wants. I’ve done it before”. She then explained that for each survey that is completed by a customer, the cashier receives a $5 lunch credit. She pointed to the food she was buying and said it was courtesy of a customer survey. I thought that was pretty cool!

I told the cashier I was happy to fill out all the surveys (I had 8 receipts) and she seemed happy about it. It turns out she hadn’t ask me to do it because I come into the store so often. She thought it would be a hassle for me to do it every time. It takes just a couple of minutes and if it gets my favorite cashier a free lunch (or eight), why not?

$5 may not seem like a lot, but Walmart cashiers aren’t paid a ton anyway, so having the cost of lunch taken care of can make a small difference. I was told this policy was in place at all Walmart stores, but you might want to double check at your local store. Even without the free lunch incentive, the survey makes a huge difference for both the employees and the store. So if you have an awesome Walmart cashier (or store) you want to reward, take five minutes and fill out the survey at the bottom or back of your receipt. 

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  1. Beach Miles

    Thanks for pointing this out. The cashiers at my WM often talk among themselves about food and snacks. I wondered about occasionally bring in a dozen donuts, but wasn’t sure how they feel about taking food from a customer. This seems like a better way to show my appreciation.
    Any idea how long it takes for them to see the $5 lunch credit?

    • I actually thought of doing the same at my WM – I get along really well with everyone, so I think they would actually be happy about it. I don’t know how long it takes, but when I go in tomorrow, I’ll see if she got credit for the surveys I filled out yesterday.

  2. Are these the cashiers at the regular checkout lines or the money Center? Do you fill it out right there or at home?

  3. Thanks for the info!

  4. Beach Miles

    Just pulled the receipt from my last WM visit and did the survey. No mention of the employee name on the receipt, but they can tell from the receipt ID number. Do you have employee names on your receipt , or actual requests to take survey?

  5. I did not realize cashiers got credit for this. Glad I can give back and make their day! Ariana, this could revolutionize this whole process.

  6. No cashier has ever mentioned the survey to me, so I’m glad you have. I’ll gladly fill it out for them because they are actually pleasant and always smile when they see me coming. I always make a point of being nice too, so it goes both ways. Yesterday, when I did my MO run, I gave the cashier who helped me a Starbucks GC to let her know I appreciate her. She lit up! And I did too. 🙂

  7. If you have 8 receipts (and take 8 surveys) do they get $5 for each one?

    • Yes, though I don’t know how long it takes until it’s credit. I’m going in tomorrow and will see if it worked.

      • Not quite. Unless you specifically use a private browser. They will screen for what they consider duplicate entries, even though you are using unique receipts. Same is true for a number of different stores. Target employees basically get a free starbucks.

  8. Do you write your own address and signature in the money order form or use someone else’s? It would seem strange to write a money order to yourself and deposit it in a bank account.

  9. Ariana, do your receipts have an employee name on them, mine don’t. I’ll do the survey often if the employee is getting credit. Sorry about duplicate posts this time.

  10. So can you by MO in the normal checkout line or do you need to go the money center?

  11. Ooh I’m jealous. Some WM still allow 10K in. MOs at your store?

  12. $10k in money orders in one day? OMG, Ariana Afghanistan, you are so destructive. Yes, this is what we refer to you as on the private MS forums, because you’re a terrorist to the entire MS community. Please stop writing! Just shut your blog down Ariana Afghanistan!

    Oh, and I asked at my WM. No $5 lunch credit for them.

  13. If you have a negative shopping experience about a cashier and completed a negative survey, do they still get a $5 lunch credit? That seems unfair.

  14. Thank you for posting this; I didn’t realize that the individual employees got anything monetary if a survey was complimentary to them. The elderly Walmart employee I buy all of my money orders from is the sweetest lady imaginable; I’d be happy to take a survey for her every time I go in.

    • A few readers have reported that their local Walmart doesn’t offer this incentive. But even if they don’t get a lunch credit, I’m told the survey (specifically naming the cashier by name) actually helps their performance evaluation.

  15. I’ve submitted your blog here and hope to get a reward! You could possibly be able to explain everything or not? *shrug* .. Still will take an attorney tho. I hope your attorney takes points and has a survey at the bottom of their receipt.

  16. To be most effective make sure you do each survey in incognito mode with a new window. Doing multiple surveys in short order can easily be screened so the employee only gets 1 reward.
    In the days of Target load I used to do this too, but had to use incognito as their Survey site blocked repeat entries from the same IP address, even if the codes on the receipt were different.

  17. Might be regional or store based for employees getting a credit. I asked my local WM in TN and was told it only enters me in a contest, no perks/credits for employees.

  18. I’m not sure if the walmart employees get a credit for the survey if I fill it out here in the DC area. But if it helps their performance evaluations I’ll still full it out…?

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