Targeted Hyatt Gold Passport Promotion: Complete 5 Stays, Get 5,000 Bonus Points

Hyatt Gold Passport Promotion April 2014

If you haven’t done so already, check your email because you may be among those targeted for a Hyatt Gold Passport promotion. Register by clicking the link in the email, complete five stays between May 1 – July 31, 2014 and get 5,000 bonus points. The timing is perfect, with Hyatt’s current promotion ending on April 30.

A few things make this promotion different from the one currently running, and not in a good way. The bonus is capped at 5,000 points, so you can’t earn additional bonus points by completing another 5 stays. Stays at M life resorts don’t count, so if you planned on mattress running at the various Vegas resorts participating in the program, that is not an option. Award stays don’t count, though the terms don’t exclude Points + Cash bookings.

I wouldn’t go mattress running over this promotion as it’s just an extra 1,000 points per night, but it just so happens I’ll be able to complete at least 3 stays through work travel. Since the promotion runs smack dab in the middle of summer, when most folks are going on vacation anyway, you may be able to complete the requires number of stays by hotel hopping. You could earn 1,000 bonus points for $5.90 by buying Visa gift cards at Simon Malls with a co-branded credit card instead. However, the advantage of hotel hopping (outside of this promotion) is that it can help you meet your elite qualifying goals, since it’s easier to earn status based on stays vs. nights.

What do you think of Hyatt’s latest promotion? Did you get targeted for it?

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  1. can you elaborate on the part “”You could earn 1,000 bonus points for $5.90 by buying Visa gift cards at Simon Malls with a co-branded credit card instead. “? Are we talking about manufactured spend & cashing out? if so, since Vanilla Reload is dead, how are you doing it ? thanks

    • PointChaser

      Sure, I’ve added a link to the post so you can read more about it.

      • Thanks Ariana!! And to the douche Aussie or wannabe (crikey, really?), take your atttude somewhere else –you were taught manufactured spending by someone and you wdn’t be monitoring Arianas blog if your objective were not the same –except you were too selfish to share info even for “newbies”, ergo your attempt to separate yourself from “these people”. Get real and try your tude on FT private forums. Spare us of your ‘tude. We get plenty here in NYC and we have no probelm unleashing it on pompous ahole like you.

  2. Crikey. A zillion blog posts of how to meet spend after VR demise and this guy still needs his hand held? Unreal. I guess doing a Google or a site search never occurs to these people?

    Want to spit in disgust.

  3. I got 1 stay, 2K pts, and my gf got 1 stay, get a free nt (Cat 1-4).

    • PointChaser

      That’s worth mattress running for – especially on a weekend night, when you’ll get an extra 2,500 points because the Regency Club is closed.

  4. Nothing for me

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