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Summer 2015 Hotel Rewards Bonus Point Promotions

If you’re like most people and have a summer trip planned, hotel stays are going to account for a large part of your expenses. Luckily, nearly every major rewards program has announced their summer bonus point promotions. Some are very lucrative with double or even triple points, while others are less exciting with a flat bonus per stay (I’m looking at you, SPG). If you’re staying at any of these major hotels this summer, you should be very happy with the bonus generated from your stay:

Triple Points and More from Club Carlson

Club Carlson has disappointed many members with the simultaneous devaluation of their rewards program and credit card. To compensate for this loss, there are a ton of great stackable promotions to take advantage of this summer. There’s a 30,000 point bonus for Club Carlson Visa signature cardholders, valid through August 31, 2015. All members are eligible to earn Triple Points through June 28 along with a mobile booking bonus and 5,000 – 10,000 extra points at certain Club Carlson brands. In addition to bonus points on paid stays, members staying at Club Carlson’s Latin America hotels through July 31 will get 25% off award stays.

Hilton Double Points or Miles

Hilton Double Points or Miles summer 2015 promotion

Hilton HHonors members can choose to earn double points or double miles through August 31, 2015. Interestingly enough, every Hilton hotel worldwide is participating in this promotion. If you’re unfamiliar with Hilton’s earning style, members can choose between Points + Points (a total of 7.5 – 15 points per $1, depending on hotel brand) or Points + Miles (5 – 10 points and 1 mile per $1 spent). Whichever bonus you choose during this promotion (double points vs. miles), you’ll need to adjust your earnings option accordingly. 

If you prefer to earn double points, make sure your account setting reflects your preference for the Points + Points earning structure. If you’re opting for double miles, change your earning preference to Points + Miles and choose the airline you want to earn miles with. I would definitely go with the double points option, though you should note that the bonus only applies to base points. So if you spend $500 on a Hilton stay that qualifies for a total of 15 points per $1 spent (10 points + 5 bonus points), then the double points promotion would earn you a total of 25 points per $1. 

Hyatt Sweet Dreams Sweet Rewards

Hyatt Sweet Dreams Sweet Rewards summer 2015 promotion

I have to give Hyatt credit for their latest summer promotion, especially since the previous one was such a huge disappointment. This time around, Gold Passport members can earn tons of bonus points after completing a certain number of nights by September 30, 2015. Some people have gotten offers as high as 65,000 bonus points for completing 25 nights. Be sure to check your email for your targeted offer. Mine is 20,000 bonus points after completing 10 eligible nights, which is perfect because I have a total of nine nights booked at the Grand Hyatt Singapore and Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, so I’ll easily earn the bonus. 

The great thing about this promotion is that Points + Cash awards qualify as well as paid stays, though M life resorts do not. Still, Hyatt gets a huge thumbs up for their summer promotion.

IHG Rewards Club

IHG Rewards Club’s Share Forever promotion will run all the way through September 7, 2015. The promotion is targeted, but as a non-elite member who doesn’t have any paid stays under my belt this year I was offered 69,500 points plus 58,500 points to share:

Stay 1 night

For you: 500 points

To Share: 500 points

Goal: Stay 4 Nights

For You: 4,000 additional points

To Share: 1,000 points

3 Nights Above Goal

For You: 2,000 additional points

To Share: 2,000 points

6 Nights Above Goal

For You: 8,000 additional points

To Share: Gold Elite Status

10 Nights Above Goal

For You: 25,000 additional points or a free night

To Share: 25,000 points or a free night

20 Nights Above Goal

For You: 30,000 additional points

To Share: 30,000 points

IHG members can also win a free night or a 3-night trip to Las Vegas for four people by booking their stay with a MasterCard. The Barclay Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard is a no-brainer here, since you can use Arrival Miles to claim a statement credit for the cost of the hotel stay.

Marriott Rewards

We’re still hearing crickets from Marriott Rewards, but as soon as a promotion goes live I’ll add it to this list.

Starwood Preferred Guest Make it Count

SPG Make it Count 2015 promotion

Through August 31, 2015 registered Starwood Preferred Guest members will earn 1,000 bonus points for stays of two nights or more, including a weekend night. For the purpose of this promotion, a weekend night includes Friday – Sunday, while in the Middle East it’s Thursday – Saturday. The registration deadline for this promotion is  August 15, 2015.

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  1. Hi Ariana. I’m curious to see what my Hyatt deal will be too. Yet above, have a hunch you twice put in the link to the old play more/stay more deal. (“latest summer promotion” and “huge disappointment” go to the same dud link to the old promo.)

    Disappointed in your flat rendition/hyping of the latest terrible IHG promo…. doa. Lots and lots of stays before you start to get many points…. (assuming you’re giving them to your travel partner) But you avoid evaluating it and instead go to the undeserved hyping of tah-day, a contest, by golly, a raffle…. You too might have a chance to be one of the lucky few…. How much they paying you for that promo? Give us news and insight we can use — not paid-for drivel.

    • Thanks for letting me know about the link, it’s been fixed. I’m sorry you found the IHG piece flat and overhyping (though I don’t see how it can be both). I’m simply stating the facts and since it’s pretty straightforward and not very exciting (at least for me), it turned out short and a bit more bland than the rest.

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