Stackable eBags Deal: 25% Off + 20% Cash Back from Ebates + Up To $20 Bonus

If you’re in the market for some new luggage, this is the perfect time. Not only is eBags having a huge sale right now, but Ebates is offering 20% cash back. The best part? Ebates is honoring coupon code DEALS, which gets you an extra 25% off site wide! If that’s not enough, you can  earn up to 10% back through eBags’ rewards program. If you’re not a member, you can sign up with my ebags referral link and receive a $10 credit. The same goes with Ebates – new members receive a $10 credit for signing up with a referral link. So if you’ve got your eye on a brand new carry-on, you can save a ton on your purchase through this offer. Not an Ebates fan? TopCashBack is offering 18% cash back, while the AAdvantage shopping portal is offering 10 miles per $1 spent.

Woman carries luggage at the airport terminal

I took advantage of this deal today to buy a pair of boots. I got the same boots from Nordstrom for and they were half a size too big. A Google search turned up the same pair on eBags for $138. That’s when I noticed the 25% promo code and after checking Cashback Monitor for payout rates, I discovered Evates had the highest payout and honored the 25% off DEALS promo code. The promo code brought the price down to $103, I earned $2.07 in eBags rewards, and I’m due to receive about $20 worth of cash back. So overall, the price of these $185 boots dropped down to just $81.42. Stacking the new-member rewards from both eBags and Evates would have saved me another $20, but I already have accounts and didn’t feel like going down the whole referral circle. Saving 56% was good enough for me.

As far as luggage goes, the 25% off promotion excludes most high-end brands like Briggs & Riley and Tumi. Even TravelPro is excluded. However, pretty much everything is on sale and Briggs & Riley Baseline Collection items are eligible for $50 off every $350. Stacked with the sign-up bonuses from Ebates and eBags, it all adds up to significant rewards. I’m all set on the luggage front, so I’ll probably stock up on some packing cubes since those are dirt cheap right now.

Anyway, I wanted to put this on your radar since you don’t see 20% cash back (on top of 25% off) every day. If you see any good deals on merchandise from eBags (for personal or reselling purposes), please share in the comment section.

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  1. Very nice post but a little late!
    Caused me to spend 80 dollars, or save 30…
    But also with all deals time is a consideration. And time is money as the death of MS shows us.

  2. The eBags promo is a SCAM. Your not too smart are you? Did you even bother to read any of the fine print on the ebates 20% and topcashback 18% cash back as well as the 25% off brand exclusion page???? Or you too busy pushing your silly nickle and dime affiliate links??? Every major brand is excluded genius! Thanks for wasting my time you facking idiot!

    • Wow, you are really dedicated to this “idiot” avatar, aren’t you? The promo is legit. I don’t know how to put it in simpler terms except you login, click through, then buy stuff to get your cash back. Which part of that is a scam? Yes, major brands are excluded – something you’d know if you had bothered to read past the title. #supportadultliteracy

    • one thing I noticed when using a portal, the prices goes up which means it is compensating for the CB one receives on TCB at 18%. I chose the outright 30% off sent to me via email, use a $20 eGC and paid the balance with another Chase card via Chase Pay for total of $40 off the item. I compared the prices with the 30% instant discount via email and going through TCB and the difference was exactly the amount of CB I’ll be getting from TCB had I used it. With instant discount, I don’t have to wait several weeks to get my CB.

  3. It seems guys handle explains it all. It truly fits his comments.

  4. Well, at least he correctly branded himself as “idiot”….

    Thanks for tip Ariana, needed to replace a couple of “IT World Lightest Bag” so now would be as good as ever a time

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