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Stackable Boxed Offers: Save Over 60% and Earn Miles With American Express is a fairly new online retailer that has been making waves for their commitment to eliminating the Pink Tax. What is the Pink Tax? It refers to women’s products that are taxed as luxury items or marked up substantially compared to men’s products. Have you ever noticed how men’s razors are often cheaper and better quality than women’s? You can chalk that up to the Pink Tax. Boxed is the first retailer I’ve heard of that’s taking a stand against it. What does that have to do with American Express? Amex has partnered with the company to offer tremendous savings, so the next time you stock up on essentials, you’ll not only avoid the Pink Tax but save a ton of money and earn miles on your purchases.

Boxed Amex Deal $25 off $65
Save big on purchases with Amex and other stackable deals

Boxed Amex Offers Deal

At the moment, Amex Offers has a deal for $25 off every $65 Boxed purchase. That’s a 38% discount on a $65 purchase, which is pretty substantial. The best part? This promotion is stackable with the new member offer of $15 + 15% off. Let’s say you manage to purchase $95 worth of items. With the new member discount and Amex Offers deal, you would end up saving at least $52 on this purchase!


– $15 new member discount

= $80

– 15% new member discount

= $68

– $25 Amex Offers statement credit

= $43

Boxed Bold: 3% Cash Back and Free Shipping for Amex Cardholders

If all of these promotions aren’t enough, Boxed has partnered with American Express to offer cardholders free shipping on eligible orders, along with 3% Boxed Cash Rewards! The 3% reward applies to the first $15,000 in purchases made through August 10, 2017. If you happen to exceed the $15,000 cap before then, you’ll still receive 1% cash back on any additional spending.

Boxed Referral Credit

While the $25 Boxed Amex Offers credit is restricted to one regardless of how the number of cards you have, it is still possible to continue saving on future purchases. Boxed has a pretty generous referral program where members can earn $15 for referring others. In order to earn the credit, the person you refer has to spend at least $60. That’s not going to be difficult for most people since 1.) They need to spend at least $92 so they can also qualify for the Amex Offers deal and 2.) Boxed sells a lot of essential items at a discount, so you can stock up on things you are likely going to buy in the future anyway. By purchasing them in larger quantities, you’ll qualify for a bigger discount. 

How I Saved Over $60 on a $90 Purchase

I recently saved over 67% on a $90 purchase. The initial total came to $90.25 but dropped down to a staggering $29.32 after discounts were applied. How did I manage to save this much? I had already taken advantage of the Amex Offers credit a few months ago. However, my dad still had one on his account, so I decided to sign him up, using my referral link. 

He received an instant $15 off as a new member, plus $11 via the 15% discount. This brought his total down to $69.32. Using his Amex Platinum Card got him a $25 statement credit just a day later. The grand total for this $90.25 purchase came to $44.32. Factor in the $15 credit I earned for referring him, and the total cost dropped to $29.32. Even without my $15 referral credit factored in, I saved over 50% on my Boxed purchase. I may also earn 8% cash back from TopCashBack, 3% Boxed cash rewards, and a small number of Membership Rewards points. Yeah, I stopped doing the math too.

What Can You Buy at Boxed?

Boxed has a large selection of everyday items you can buy. If it’s available at Target, chances are you can buy it at Boxed. That being said, I do find them lacking in terms of beauty products. Sure, they have a large selection of snacks, household cleaning items, and essential items like shampoo, body wash, razors, and etc. However, you’re hard pressed to find makeup or even some common skincare products. That’s slightly annoying since it means I still have to go to an actual store to buy those things. But ultimately I walked away with a bargain, so it’s totally reasonable not to get everything you want in that situation. As they grow, I’m sure they’ll expand their inventory to include these items. 

Have you taken advantage of these stackable promos to save on your purchases?

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