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Simon Mall’s $1 off Visa Gift Card Promo is Back!

Simon Mall is running yet another $1 off Visa gift card promotion, all the way through December 24. I made a stop at my local Simon Mall on Saturday and the cashier informed about this promotion. Since it hadn’t been announced, she asked me to keep it quiet until Monday. So here we are at the stroke of midnight and guess who’s going to be maxing out all her credit cards this week?

Some of you may wonder whether $1 off makes much of a difference. On a $10,000 purchase, this promotion saves you $20. It’s not as cheap as churning Visa gift cards through So why do it? Because you don’t have to wait several days for your gift cards to arrive. If you have a spending requirement to meet in a short time period, this allows you to do it immediately. Or if you’re just impatient and want to churn gift cards for cash back quickly, Simon Mall is faster than More importantly, Simon Mall is less likely to get on the bank’s radar as a manufactured spending source than

I have more miles than I can redeem right now, so I’ll be using my cash back cards to take advantage of this promotion. The Fidelity Rewards Visa is my go-to card, as is the Discover IT Miles card. Before my shut-down, I would have used the Barclay Arrival Plus Card to bank thousands of miles during a promotion like this. The points post immediately, so it’s nice to see that point balance jump up every couple of days. 

If you’re trying to meet some credit card spending requirements, then consider getting in on this $1 off Visa gift card promo from Simon Mall. They’re also running various promotions on merchant gift cards. If you have some way to unload them, it might be worth looking into. I haven’t dabbled much in merchant gift card churning since The Plastic Merchant shut-down.

Are you going to load up on Visa gift cards during this Simon Mall promotion?

NOTE: This post contains an affiliate link for the Barclay Arrival Plus card.

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  1. I have a MSR on my Amex platinum. Bad idea to buy these? I heard that grocery stores don’t provide L3 data. Is this true?

  2. And how do you liquidate the Simon mall gift cards?

  3. Wonder if promo applies online too ?

  4. Also how do I liquidate the Simon Mall gift cards?

  5. Ariana thank you so much for telling us about this! I am curious though why you choose over giftcardmall?

  6. hello?

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