Should I Do Away With Trip Reports for Good?

For a while now, I’ve considered doing away with trip reports completely. Why? Because I’ve been taking a look at what’s generating traffic and what content readers seem to enjoy most and trip reports don’t seem to fall into that category. At first this was a bit of a head scratcher because of all the content on my favorite blogs, I enjoy reading trip reports the most. Even if it’s the 100th review about Cathay Pacific First Class or the Park Hyatt Paris – I enjoy looking at the pictures and reading different perspectives about the same experience. But I also kind of hate writing trip reports, which I think comes through in my posts. So I’m considering doing away with trip reports completely. 

Nizuc Resort Cancun Restaurant outdoor seating by the beach
Nizuc Resort Cancun

Instead of writing trip reports, I would continue to share my travel experiences via social media. You can still follow along in real time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Like right now, I’m at the Nizuc Resort in Cancun. It’s incredibly tranquil, gorgeous, and giving me serious Bali vibes. My stay is almost over but if you want to see what I’ve been up to so far, you can do so on social media. 

At some point I’ll revisit the idea of trip reports and maybe find a way to write them in a more interesting, digestible format. Right now, they take way too long to write, are over 1,000 words, and don’t seem to generate much interest. Posts where I share how I booked a trip with points and miles generally do very well. I’ll continue to write those and just include a few key photos to give you a better visual. Doing this will also make enjoying a trip easier since I won’t have to spend so much time taking photos, touching them up, etc. It all seems redundant anyway since I’m already sharing many of those same photos on Snapchat and Instagram.

If you have anything to share in this regard, I’d love your feedback: What changes do you want to see in how I format trip reports? Or should I do away with them completely? 

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  1. I don’t read trip reports the moment you post them but I do seek them out when planning a trip later on.

  2. Bill Usher

    I agree with Leslie’s sentiment. I don’t always look at your trip reports the day they are posted. However, I look to them for information and ideas whenever I am planning to travel. Keep up the good work!

  3. I recommend that you continue to write trip reports, but in a different style. Instead of focusing on the business or 1st class flight and the luxury hotel, focus on the travel experience. I want to read about the sights you saw (especially “hidden gems” or “off the beaten path”) and activities you did, as well as your observations of the local culture. Please also share some of your personal interactions with the locals, especially besides transactional relationships such as with the hotel staff or taxi driver. In addition, I want to read about the traditional food.

    • Thanks Brandon, I’ll take that into consideration. I didn’t really realize it but a lot of trip reports do focus on “transactional relationships” with hospitality professionals rather than real people.

  4. I am like the ones above that do read these. I also find that your reports are extremely well written which makes reading more enjoyable.

  5. I enjoy your reports and it gives me incentive to try to travel to some new and exciting locations. I love to hear how you use points and miles to achieve the trip. I would love to hear about the Nizuc Resort in Cancun. That picture looks fantastic !!
    Thank you 🙂

  6. Margo Roberts

    I enjoy reading your reports including your observations about the luxury hotel and the the first class flight . As someone in severe chronic pain, traveling in comfort (with points) has opened up a world in which travel again is possible.Thanks for those details!

  7. Beach Miles

    You are the “Point Chaser”. If you can book it with points I want to learn about it. Please continue to write trip reports about any place I can stay with points or miles.I am anxious to learn about Nizuc Resort. But enjoy your stay, the trip report can wait til you get back.

  8. Agree with the other commenters. In fact, been rereading the Thessaloniki one and that’s what I booked the Hyatt there! Please keep them incorporate your unique spin. You’re not like most other bloggers.

  9. I only started reading your blog about five months ago, so haven’t read your older trip reports. However, I enjoyed your Umrah trip reports as Umrah’s probably not something I’d have learned about normally. I’d definitely read other trip reports in the future if you wrote them.

    Just as a data point, I subscribe to the feed of your blog and read your posts in Feedly. That therefore wouldn’t show up in your stats, even though I read each post as soon as its published.

    Brandon’s made some great suggestions above as well. I love your writing style, so I’d also like to read about your travel experiences even if they’re not in the style of a formal trip report.

  10. I read some of the trip reports, but not all. It depends how interested I am in visiting that location. Or unless you have an interesting opinion about a location or incident.

    But your blog seems to focus more on manufactured spending and I do find it fascinating that you can MS hundreds of thousands of dollars. I also like reading about which cards you use. So, I do prefer these types of posts. But I do read the occasional trip report.

  11. I love reading trip reports! Especially ones related to miles and points. It’s one of my favorite pastimes when I am slow at work.

  12. Sorry to vote for extra work for you but love your trip reports. Please continue!

  13. jptravels4fun

    I find the trip reposts on how you put it together transportation, hotels, which airline, type Miles used and amount are a valuable teaching/helping tool. I find most blog photos of the bottle Champagne and other bs as boring. That is me others might enjoy it.
    I dont need photos of food, or First Class toilets nor more than a sentence or two of sights. I have interest in the unusual restaurant, caffe, gelato, bar, Museum and site. ( like the Third Man Museum in Vienna). Everyone either knows or can research the major sites

  14. Please continue your trip reports. Your information on Calais along with your trip to Mecca were among my favorites. Your writing is articulate and your voice is unique in the travel blogs. I may not comment, but I do read every one.

  15. I am interested in your trip reports: they help in planning next trips. However, I have a great need to know how to navigate partner airline awards with points. And I value your manufactured spending ideas greatly, so keep a balance but continue to accent your specialities in MS and showing us how to better use our points for award travel. Thanks, of all you do.

  16. Joseph Trombello

    Trip reports are my favorite part of the site, honestly. You review places and hotels I haven’t yet visited but might consider. I also loved those best in category hotel posts you did some time ago.

  17. Jerry Mandel

    Limit trip reports to places where people might actually go-not Maldives, etc.

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