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Shopping Portal Bonus Point Promos: Up to 14,500 Bonus Miles

We’re two weeks away from Thanksgiving and shopping portals have already skipped the festivities and are in full blown Christmas mode. For the next three days, pretty much every major rewards program is offering bonus points for online shoppers. I don’t shop often, but this is the time of year when I go all out and buy everything I want need: Furniture, clothes, beauty products, and everything in between. It’s the perfect time and the fact that shopping portals are offering additional bonus points for hitting certain spending thresholds is just icing on the cake. Here are some shopping portal spending bonuses you should be taking advantage of this week:

AAdvantage Shopping Portal Bonus Promotion: 500 – 4,000 Bonus Miles

The AAdvantage Shopping portal offers some of the biggest spending bonuses out there. Use the portal through November 18 and you’ll earn 500 – 4,000 bonus miles, depending on the spending threshold you hit. This bonus is in addition to whatever miles you’d earn for shopping with a particular merchant (i.e. 5 miles per $1 spent at Macy’s).

  • 500 bonus miles for spending $150
  • 2,000 bonus miles for spending $600
  • 4,000 bonus miles for spending $1,200

The great thing about this promotion is that you don’t have to meet the spending requirements all at once or at the same store. Just make sure you hit $150 – $1,200 total by November 18 and you’ll earn the qualifying bonus based on cumulative spending. And no, unfortunately, gift card purchases do not qualify for the AAdvantage Shopping portal bonus.

Alaska MileagePlan Shopping Bonus Promotion: 300 – 1,500 Bonus Miles

Alaska MileagePlan Shopping has a similar bonus mile promotion as American Airlines. The spending requirements are slightly lower and unfortunately so are the bonuses. If you’re planning on spending $500 or less, then you might want to do your online shopping through the Alaska shopping portal to earn the following bonuses:

  • 300 bonus miles for spending $150
  • 750 bonus miles for spending $300
  • 1,500 bonus miles for spending $500

The great thing about the MileagePlan Shopping portal bonus promotion is that it also applies to in-store purchases. Simply login to your account, navigate to the in-store section and link a qualifying offer. Bonus miles will post within 10 weeks, though in my experience it’s usually a lot faster. Lucky for me, World Market is on the list and I have a whole wish list of home decor items I’m looking to pick up in-store. Plus, I go there weekly for my Knoppers fix and earning an extra 1.5 miles per $1 spent is a nice bonus.

Delta SkyMiles Shopping Portal Bonus Promotion: 500- 1,000 Bonus Miles

Anyone looking to acquire Skymiles? Me neither. But if for some reason you do, Delta’s Skymiles Shopping portal bonus isn’t completely awful. And that’s the nicest thing I’ll ever say about Delta Skymiles…

  • 500 bonus miles for spending $150
  • 1,000 bonus miles for spending $300

Southwest Rapid Rewards Bonus Promotion: 500 – 1,000 Bonus Points

The Southwest Rapid Rewards shopping portal may not be offering the biggest point bonus, but it can still be worth pursuing. How? Because Rapid Rewards points go a lot further than other airline miles. While you can’t go anywhere with 3,000 AAdvantage miles, but with Southwest you can book a $49 one-way fare and still have almost 500 miles left over. 

  • Spend $150, earn 500 bonus points
  • Spend $500, earn 1,000 bonus points
  • Spent $1,000, earn 3,000 bonus points

United MileagePlus Shopping PortalBonus Promotion: 500- 5,000 Bonus Miles

The United MileagePlus shopping portal bonus offers the best of both worlds: The highest bonus point offer out there and the ability to earn it via in-store purchases. Simply link your card, pick your offer, and if you meet the spending requirements you’ll earn up to 5,000 bonus points. Of course, online purchases qualify too, but it’s nice that both avenues count towards the bonus miles promotion.

  • 500 bonus miles for spending $150
  • 2,500 bonus miles for spending $750
  • 5,000 bonus miles for spending $1,500

Additional Notes

Aside from these bonuses, the Marriott Rewards MORE shopping portal is offering 1,000 bonus points for your first $25 purchase. The catch? Marriott Rewards MORE is apparently shutting down on November 15. I don’t know if the portal will be live through the end of the day or not, but it’s something you may want to look into. 

Regardless of which promotion you take advantage of, keep in mind that you’re limited to one bonus per shopping portal. For example, once you’ve spent $1,000 through the Southwest Rapid Rewards shopping portal, you’ll only receive 3,000 bonus points. You will not get the 500 or 1,000 point bonus, regardless of how much more you spend.

Don’t just stop there. Be sure to link your credit card to your Dosh account and upload eligible receipts to iBotta. Last week, I bought a new chair and table lamp from Costplus that were marked down from ~$490 to $312. I was able to get another 12% off by uploading my receipt to iBotta, plus 2% from Dosh for using a linked credit card for the purchase. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of the in-store bonuses offered by some shopping portals, so I missed out on a few hundred miles on that front. But my parents are renovating their house and that means tons of bonus category spending that I can maximize further with these shopping portal bonuses.

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  1. So it’s safe to assume that buying VGC from won’t qualify for bonus miles? I know it says “no giftcards,” but’s only business is gift cards.

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