Shell Partnering with Save Mart Fuel Rewards

It looks like Shell is following in Chevron’s footsteps by partnering with a grocery store rewards program.

Shell Save Mart Fuel Rewards

Currently, Shell has its own rewards programs called the Fuel Rewards Network. They offer gas discounts for using their shopping portal, dining at participating restaurants, and other things.

Now they’re allowing Save Mart customers to earn fuel rewards on grocery purchases. Customers will earn a $0.05/gallon discount for every $50 spent at Save Mart. Rewards expire at the end of the following month.

This is on par with Safeway’s program, which offers a $0.10 per gallon discount for every $100 spent.

To participate in Save Mart Fuel Rewards:

1. Get yourself a Save Mart Rewards card and swipe it every time you purchase something at Save Mart.

2. When you’re ready to redeem your rewards, swipe your Save Mart Rewards card at a Shell gas station and your savings will be applied towards a maximum of 20 gallons of gas.

Save Mart is listed as a Vanilla Reload location, so your Reload habit could pay out even further in the form of gas rewards.

What are your thoughts on the gas station/grocery store promos? Are any of them relevant to you?

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  1. I use the Shell Winn Dixie award program. I note that even using max rewards you must fuel 20 gals to benefit. My car goes to 15 gals and this is not rolled over to next purchase. Say I do get 20 gals at 5 cents it works to $1 off gas. If you don’t use it by certain time it expires, and lastly Winn Dixie prices are higher so the cost is factored in the so called gas rewards And you must spend $50 to get the $1 off Not a really good program

    • PointChaser

      @ Pat, that is too bad. Wish it took more of a pinch out of buying gas, but this is as good as its going to get. 🙁

  2. Shell has had the gas program in the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions for the past couple years at Stop & Shop and Giant stores. There is no minimum number of gallons required. The program is based on points, where $1 spent at the store equals 1 point. 100 points gives you 10 cents off per gallon. There is a maximum number of dollars saved per fill-up but I’m not sure what it is because I’ve never hit it. I’ve saved as much as 80 cents a gallon on a fill-up, which was equal to close to $15. They also have bonus points for certain items and offer coupons for bonus points with purchases every month. I think it’s a great program.

    • Just a thought on joanna fillup. She spent over $800 in grocieries to get 80 cents off on gas. She saved $16 on a 20 gal fillup. I bet she would have saved more if she belonged to a saving club and used their gas than through grocery sales, just my view.

      • PointChaser

        @ Pat, are you referring to Costco and Sam’s Club gas stations? They do tend to be cheaper, but if you’re not a member and already shop at a chain offering gas discounts, it makes sense to use them.

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