Get a Second 100,000 Mile Sign-up Bonus for the Citi AAdvantage Executive Card

Update 4/2/14: According to Gary, Citi has amended the terms of the offer to restrict sign-up bonuses to just one.

Last month, I wrote about the amazing 100,000 mile Citi AAdvantage Executive Card. It’s been a while since we’ve had a 100,000 point sign-up bonus. The British Airways card doesn’t count – when you have to spend $1,000+ to redeem an award, that negates whatever monster sign-up bonus you got from the card.

100,000 Mile Citi AAdvantage Executive Card Packaing
Citi AAdvantage Executive Card

What’s better than one 100,000 sign-up bonus? Two 100,000 sign-up bonuses! (Endless 100k offers would more awesome, but beggars can’t be choosers)

This past Thursday, Rick (founder of Frugal Travel Guy) notified me that you can get two of these cards. That’s right: A total of 220,000 AAdvantage miles. Can you say point bonanza? That’s 5 months worth of manufactured spending in two card applications! I applied and after 7 minutes on the phone, I was approved. No mention of my existing card, just some quick verification of my info and I was all set. I also signed up my brother for a second card and when it arrived two days later via Fedex, our interaction when I handed it over went something like this:

Him: Don’t I already have one of these?

Me: Yes, now you have two.

Him: Why?

Me: Because you can get two 100,000 sign-up bonus and now you’ll have over 220,000 miles.

Him: Ok, so should I go ahead and use this card from now on?

Me: No, use your Dividend Miles card.

Him: Then do you want to take one of these cards to meet the spending requirements?

Me: No need. I’ve already added myself as an authorized user and the minimum spend will be done next week.

Him: Then what the heck are you giving me this for?!

A apical interaction between a point chaser and a sane person who hasn’t reached the same level of psychosis just yet. Thankfully, my family is ok with me handling the card sign-ups and minimum spend requirements. I also hold on to the cards that we’re churning to keep everyone’s spending in check. When you have 10+ cards in your wallet, it can get easy to lose track and overspend. That’s why I handle the minimum spend and hold onto the unwanted cards for further manufactured spending (i.e. via Amex gift card purchases), until the annual fee is up and the card gets the axe.

Anyway, I’ll be sure to update this post once the sign-up bonus has posted. I’m curious to find out whether meeting the $40,000 spending requirement on each card will get me a combined 20,000 elite qualifying miles. That will take a while to generate (I’d like to avoid getting shut down by Citi), but I’ll be sure to report the results once that is done.

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  1. How many days did you wait between the first and the second application?

    • PointChaser

      I got the first card on January 28 and the second on on Thursday – so roughly 6 weeks.

      • So the 61 days rule between Citi applications does not apply?

        • PointChaser

          Nope, it’s one card per week. Most people recommend you keep to a 91 day churning schedule with all cards, but when a good offer like this comes around, you can make an exception (as long as you’re within the one week window for Citi).

          • What do you mean the by “the one week window for citi” and “one card per week”. Can you explain further. I applied and got citi cards for my husband and I about 3 weeks ago. I would like to apply again in order to get the 100k bonus. We both have great credit.

  2. I just got this card last Wednesday. Common sense says I should wait before applying for another Citi card, I would think that the same applies in order to get the exact same card. My question is: how can you really meet the 10K in a week? I have had no luck with the beans and just got a Tmobile debit card, I have an Amex for Target (maybe need to get a second one) but just with those two, I find it really close to impossible to meet a 10K spend (let alone 20K!!). How long do you think I should wait to get the same card? I could use the extra 100K miles (if I can meet the spend, that is).

    • PointChaser

      You can generally only get one Citi card per week. I got mine on January 28 and then again this past Thursday (6 weeks apart). You can meet the $10k easily by buying Vanilla Reload cards at CVS and loading them onto Bluebird. Then use Bluebird’s bill pay feature to pay off the cards. Bluebird can only be loaded up to $5,000 per month, but my family and I have 4 Bluebird cards combined ($20,000 limit total). In addition, you can also pick up a MyVanilla Debit Card and use that to unload up to another $10,000 in Vanilla Reload cards. Just don’t make it a habit to max out this card each month or you may get shut down.

      Be sure to check out the Newbie Guide to Manufactured Spending series that ran earlier this week, along with this post on how to meet $40k in spending requirements in a single month.

      • My local CVS (Morgan Hill, CA) won’t let me buy VR with credit. I also can’t find them in stock at several other CVS in San Jose. I will be in SF tomorrow, wonder if I’ll have any luck there… it’s proven to be quite hard to meet the spend on this one (my first purchase over $500 triggered a fraud alert, as did my first purchase over $1K at Target today). I saw your post on the $40K. That is pretty crazy. But again, without access to VR, and CVS and Walgreens wanting cash for visa gift cards, it’s been really hard 🙁

        • PointChaser

          Santa Clara has to be the worst place to buy VR’s. I went to several stores and was only able to buy Visa gift cards at one particular CVS. One of my readers tells me there’s a Safeway near SJC that takes credit cards for ReloadIT card purchases. These come in increments of up to $950 ($3.95 fee) and are a cheaper way to manufacture spend. These cards can be loaded onto Paypower cards. Give that a shot. In SF, try the two CVS stores on Market Street. There is also a 711 in between those two locations, where you can buy Paypal Reload cards with a credit card. Also, try the two CVS stores in downtown Berkeley that are usually stocked. Good luck!

          • Thank you! I am going to SF to pick someone up at the airport and Berkeley might not be in the intended pathway. However, I will definitely try the CVS’s you mention and report back with the outcome. If I can do 5K on Vanillas tomorrow, I should be set because the complex I live at will start accepting credit for rent! 2 months rent, plus 7K (total manufactured) plus regular spend in those 2 month period = 110K+ miles for me! Thanks again!

          • Sure thing! Good luck with the hunt.

          • Hi, anyone know of a CVS or other store near Walnut Creek which lets you use a CC?

        • PointChaser

          To avoid those fraud alerts, call Citi ahead of time and let them know you’ll be making a large purchase. That should do the trick.

      • Hey,

        I applied for a citi AA card yesterday (not this one, a slightly different one), and got denied. Would it be wise to wait another 7 days, or is it fine to apply this week (since I got denied)? Thanks a lot for your posts, they are incredibly helpful.

        • Hey also, how exactly do money orders work, and what is the max for each
          Order, and what are the risks involved? Perhaps you can write a post about that!

        • PointChaser

          Yes, go ahead and wait until a week is up. Also, what was the reason for the denial? Make sure it’s not credit related so you won’t get denied a second time.

          • Hey. I was given the pending notice and I called and they asked questions about my income (whether I can pay it off, total credit obligation, type things). I passed those, but they denied me because “I currently have an advantage with them. Can’t approve a second one at this time.” I applied for the other 50k aa miles one. It was a slightly different card. Do u think I should apply again?

          • So you have two of the 50k AA Platinum cards? I would call again and hope the agent doesn’t bring this up. If they do, tell them you need two cards to separate your spending. If you do not already have the 100k AA Executive card, then you shouldn’t have a problem getting approved – it is a different product from the AA Platinum card. A reader just informed me that a Citi rep acknowledged he had one AA Executive card and said he would still be eligible for a second bonus – I guess they are making exceptions with the AA Executive because they probably have a quota of new applications to meet. Wait one week after your last application date and then apply for the card.

          • Hey thanks alot for your advice. I only have the AA exec card, and I applied for the AA Platinum card for the 50k bonus (before I knew I could possibly get approved a second time for the 100k citi exec bonus). Would you reccomend I apply for a 2nd AA exec card, the 50k AA platinum card, or both? thanks!

          • Has it been at least a week since your last application? I don’t know that you’ll get approved for a second Platinum card. Citi is just easing the restrictions on the Executive to get more applications. I’d be safe and just pick up a second Executive card.

          • Ok thanks alot for your advice! I really appreciate it. I will wait until a week is up and try again for the 2nd AA Exec.

          • Good! Let me know how it works out.

  3. @paulszigety

    Just got approved over the phone … got to step 5 in the application process and was prompted to call 1 (800) 695-5171

  4. Would they approve you with $25k or even $50k income? My family members want to know if poor folks can get this card. Also does anyone get auto approved or do you have to call up?

    • PointChaser

      They should be ok as long as their credit score is high (above 700) – they’ll just get a lower credit limit based on income. My family and I did not get auto-approved. All of us got a message saying the app was being processed. We (aka I) had to call in, verify some information, and then got approved.

  5. Any chance you can get 3?

    • PointChaser

      Thinking big – I like it! I have no idea, but if you want to give it a shot please let us know how it goes.

  6. Ariana, great post as usual. Thanks for the intel!

  7. Has the 100k bonus for the 2nd card been confirmed? It would be a shame to get a second card with the high annual fee and have Citi not give the bonus for having the first card.

    • PointChaser

      I’ll be reporting back at the end of the billing cycle with my results. The reason I publicized this now is because there’s some speculation that this offer will end on March 25. Can’t know for sure, but at least this way people can give it a shot themselves before I can report back.

  8. What number did you call I have had bad luck with reaching Citi backdoor number

  9. Just got the card last night. I have a big hunk of Federal taxes due very soon and was wondering if paying via one of the cc processors that the IRS uses will work for the spend for bonus? One swipe and the spend will be done. Yes, I know there’s a fee for using a cc for paying taxes but I don’t care, I will write it off as a business expense like I always do.

    • PointChaser

      It works, but geez those fees are high! I guess if you’re writing it off, there’s no harm.

      • Yeah $235 on $10K stings a bit. Still 110K miles for $235 is a deal I would do all day. The ability to write off cc fees helps but does not make it perfect. I don’t do MS other than an occasional GC now and then but I can cover the $10K with normal spend over next three months. Thanks for the answer!

  10. I have Suntrust debit card. I also have a mortgage with Suntrust. Do you think I can use my Suntust debit card to purchase money orders at Walmart to make my mortgage payment?

    I have maxed out 2 Bluebird accounts for the month. Are there other options to deposit Vanilla Reloads? Is there a way to MS when I pay my cc bills? For instance can I purchase Gift cards (which kind) and use those to purchase money orders at Walmart?

  11. I have Suntrust debit. Yes, you can buy Money Orders and also pay credit card bills at Walmart using the Suntrust card and it always posts the miles.

  12. Thanks for the post. Do you use same or different AAdvantage # for 2nd application?

  13. cheapblackdad

    I thought the 91 day rule was sacrosanct. Have you or anyone else done a post on the time between applications and implications for applying off cycle? My wife is at about 91 days now, but I am not due again until the beginning of May. I think we might just manage 20K in the next 3 months and I’d hate to miss out. I’d prefer not to compromise an AOR for a shot at this one card. Thoughts? Resources?

    • PointChaser

      I can only speak on experience and my family (me, brother, dad) were able to get these two cards 6 weeks apart. On one occasion in the past, I got two Citi cards in one week. Maybe I got lucky with the rep I had.

  14. Tom Szumowski

    The 100K British airways didn’t “count”? Haha! That 100K got me a one way coac and a one way first class Cathay to Asia for a couple hundred in taxes

    Careful on the claims you make there. Makes it sound like you know how to get the points but are ignorant on how to actually redeem them properly.

    • PointChaser

      Award space on Cathay Pacific is barely showing online anymore. With BA closing it’s US call center, it’s becoming even more of a pain in the ass to redeem those miles.

  15. traderprofit

    @Don Had a conversation with the VP in charge of Suntrust’s card programs last year, and they definitely do not want you buying money orders to get points. My discussion disclosed they are more on top of things than you might imagine. Buying any kind of quasi-money (gift and reloadable) could very well get your account closed. They have a velocity report so they know how fast your account is churning.
    I know Suntrust is also concerned about people actually overpaying taxes to get miles then getting a refund. This seems a stretch to me, and rather impossible to figure out–besides if you have $50k to send to the IRS you can probably generate 50,000 miles with that money more quickly some other way…..oh, say, maybe even buying the miles at a sale. You are losing enough in interest or alternative investments that overpaying taxes seems silly.

    I have used the card to pay my taxes and used to pay credit card bills with it at Walmart bill pay , but frankly I am a shareholder of Suntrust, and some of you guys seem go be pushing things too far. I stopped the bill paying after my conversation with Suntrust. Besides being a hassle (as are Vanilla reloads–I have one missing for the first time ever), impressed on me they only get 25 cents per debit max, I try to keep some compensating balances at Suntrust and use some services.
    That’s just a word of warning from someone who actually was shut down by a major bank in a scenario that still makes no financial sense but I guess they have quotas.
    I guess I am so addicted to first class I would actually pay the fare if it came down to it, so any discount I get by purchasing miles from the airline is worth it to me,
    The One World Explorer Business and First awards look like a great way to get status, tons of miles, etc.
    Let me posit this alternative to the crowd as an example: I am going to Sydney for New Years, 2 people. It’s 480k DL miles or $8200 cash using the AMEX Platinum International Airline Partner Program. So, that values the miles at 1.7 cents and doesn’t give you any mileage credit or status. What would the crowd do? What I’ve done so far is book DL and the IAP (which is fully refundable) for slightly different dates so I can cancel one if it becomes clearly more beneficial.

    • PointChaser

      Interesting, thanks for the insight. As for the scenario you laid out, I would have to start pushing a lot of affiliate links to be able to afford premium travel, so I’m sticking to using miles. 🙂 Plus, any way I can unload my Skymiles before the next round of devaluations, I’m happy do it.

  16. I have the Citi AAdvantage executive and I’m currently working towards meeting the 10k minimum spend to recieve me 100k bonus miles. Once I complete that spend, should I cancel the card and reapply for another one? Or leave the first one active and apply for the 2nd one? I’m not quite understanding how that works if I already have the card.

    • PointChaser

      No, just leave it open and apply for a second card. My first Citi AA Exec (which I got 6 weeks ago) is still open. When I applied for the second one, I received a message that my application was being processed. I called reconsideration and was prepared to tell them I needed two cards to separate my personal and business expenses, but the rep did not even mention my existing card. It’s tough to fathom, but so far everyone I’ve talked to has had the same experience. They don’t even mention your existing card, simply verify the info you provided on the application and you’re approved.

  17. Wow! It worked! I applied for my first one about 2 weeks ago. Applied for the second one just now, got the message to call (same thing happened with the 1st one) and the agent approved me over the phone. It took 18 minutes mostly because she had to get someone to approve my new credit line so I was on hold most of the time. No questions asked, no mention of the other card…..fingers crossed that both bonus post….Thanks for the heads up….now I need to convince my wife to apply for her 2nd card…. 400k AA points are nice!!

    • PointChaser

      Nicely done! If the second bonus doesn’t post, you can always just ask them to refund the annual fee and cancel the card. No guarantees it will work, but that’s the plan.

      • Yep, that’s the backup plan….There are reports in FT of people getting approved for a 3rd card….this is insane!!

        • PointChaser

          That is really pushing it! As Rick Ingersoll always says “Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.” I’m totally fine with my 200k miles. Don’t want to push it further.

  18. You mean to say sign up for another of the same exact card in your same name and you’ll receive another 100k AA miles? I was told the offer doesn’t apply to existing cardholders when I called to sign up. Appreciate if you can explain how to do it. Many thanks.

    • PointChaser

      You can get two of these cards, but whether you get the sign-up bonus is unclear. So far, lots of folks have gotten approved. When my statement closes, I’ll update this post with whether or not the bonus was paid out. If not, I’m going to ask for the annual fee to be reimbursed and cancel the card.

  19. Did u use the same AA FF number for both applications? Or is it better to leave it blank for the 2nd application and later merge both the AA FF accounts?

    • PointChaser

      I used the same number. Whether you get the sign-up bonus probably depends more on the name and SSN provided at the time of application. You can certainly give it a shot.

  20. Hi Ariana. I just finished min spend on my AAExec card and am $5k through on my spouses. I am a newbie but have read enough to know that the 2 Amex platinum offers at 100K I received in the mail last week are a good thing, so prior to reading this article I planned to get those before their expiration at the end of April. I know the value of a rewards are personal but wonder if you had to choose. would you go for (2) more AAExecs or the (2) 100K Amex. They are also $10k/3 mos. spend and I am only 2 months into my new hobby (and loving it) so I am working on developing my unload strategy. Until I figure that out, all 4 may be a bit risky for me. BTW I am in SF looks like you are from Bay Area too. Cheers!

    • Abhinav G.

      Go for AMEX first and then, if possible, go for second round of Citi AA as well. Remember AMEX Membership Rewards opens your choice to other frequent flyer programs besides AA one only. Glad they are still sending 100k offer out on AMEX.

    • PointChaser

      Nice to see another Bay Area resident in the game! Personally, I would pick AAdvantage points just because AA’s partnerships work well with my travel goals. Membership Rewards are also a solid currency, however I find myself mainly transferring them to BA and redeeming for 4,500 point short-haul awards. If you like Amex MR partners, then Amex points are the ones you should go after.

  21. cant wait to hear about the 2nd 100k bonus posting..

  22. NewChurner

    Adding data point:
    I got approved this morning for my 2nd card. The CSR knew I had another card that was received and activated by me this month but he said “We should be able to approve you for a second card. I’ll just put you on a brief hold, if that’s OK”. of course, I agreed and 3min later he came back saying I was approved with a $8,300 credit line and should be receiving my card soon. I didn’t want to make a big deal asking him questions about the bonus and $200 statement credit for fear of him saying “no, because you already have one.” So, I will have to wait and see. Fact of the matter is, Citi DOES know we are applying for more than one card and is not caring. Wonder if that’s a good or bad thing…

    • PointChaser

      That is good to know. I definitely think they had a quota to meet, so they’ve been ok with approving two cards per customer. As long as we get a second bonus, it’s a good thing for us. 🙂

  23. Thanks for posting about this, Ariana. It seems that, out of understandable caution, no one here has asked their CSR whether the card includes the bonus 100K miles after spending $10K. Any exceptions to this rule. Anyone asked a CSR about this and gotten confirmation of the bonus?

  24. I applied for a second card (got my first one approved two weeks ago) today and my application was under review status. I called them and was told that I was denied because of a recently credit card approval (not credit related).
    Any thoughts? Is that a possibility to have it reconsidered? Which number should I call? Any special “wording” to use when call them back?

    • PointChaser

      You should call again and talk to another rep. A few other people have reported that Citi is still approving apps made a week apart, and acknowledging prior approvals. Just call and say you’d like to be reconsidered, since your credit is in good shape and you always make your payments on time. If they bring up your previous approval, let them know you need two cards to separate your spending and this one has such great perks.

  25. Called another reconsideration number and her words were: “I see you were denied in your second citi credit card because it was considered a duplicated application but I have good news for you. I am going to approve you now with a limit of $$$$. You should be getting your card within a week”.
    First number I called 1-800-695-5171 (denied)
    Second number I called 1-800-763-9795 (approved) – Called 5 min after calling the first number.
    Thank you very much for the great post and I will look forward meeting the requirements and getting the 200,000 soon.

    • PointChaser

      Didn’t see this before I replied to your other comment. I’m really glad it worked out! Sounds like you didn’t need my advice after all. 🙂

  26. Hey PointChaser – you’re one of the most aggresive points “accumulator” out there that I know of… Thanks for this awesome tip, in obtaining a 2nd Executive card.
    I got approved after 9 minutes on the phone…Just 2 comments:

    1. The representative told me that the reason we need to call is to able to know how to reshuffle between the different Citi cards, so right off the bat, there was no mention of a pre-existing Executive card ( I have 5 citicards: one gold, one platinum, one business and now 2 executives).
    2. I explicitly asked the representative about the perks of the card, she said, “after you spend $10,000 within the first 3 months, you WILL GET 100,000 AA miles… This was a common question in the above comments, if indeed this would happen… hopefully this will provide some comfort to those wondering who didn’t dare ask.
    3.The $200 credit was also mentioned, no need to be used in an AA ticket (or AA gift card) purchase. I asked explicitly about this, and she answered me THAT very question.

    Hope this helps everyone!
    Thanks Arianna

  27. Is this credit card offer still good?

  28. It’s ridiculous for you to say that you need to spend $1K+ to be able to use the rewards for the British Airways card and so it doesn’t count. That card is best used for short haul flights. I live in Miami and can go to the Caribbean for only 9K miles using BA Avios.

    • Scott,
      I think Arianna’s comment on BA was for any long-distance awards. The BA YQ kills the potential for that specially for econ award. Some people are paying $1500 taxes for award redemptions or 2fot1 for that matter! Go figure!I say put that money into a low cost mutual fund and let it have compound growth and in future you u have a good chance to come out ahead than any inflation in ticket price (or put it in your kids college fund or your ROTH)..

      • Arianna simply stated the BA card doesn’t count because it costs $1K+ to use it. She didn’t mention how valuable the card is for shorter distance based flights, and that it does not cost $1K+ for those types of flights.

        One needs to know how to correctly use a credit card’s bonus points before rushing out to get it. A flight using AA miles from MIA to the Cayman Islands costs 35K miles. The same flight using BA Avios is only 9K miles. With the BA card you can fly from Cali to Hawaii or Seattle to Alaska for only 20K R/T. This is one of my favorite cards and I jumped on it when they offered 100K Avios.

        The AA Exec card is definitely worth using for international trips, but the BA card is great for Alaska, Hawaii, the Caribbean and even flights within Europe.

  29. Just made my brother go for it and he got approved for his second card. I didn’t get approve the second time but thinking of calling that other number somebody posted above!

    • PointChaser

      You should. Most people didn’t’ get approved right away and that reconsideration call will be the easiest one you’ll ever do.

  30. Still works. Got 100k from first card credited to account on 3/26. Approved for second card this morning. Love it.
    Anyone going to double up on the 10k elite status miles at $40k spend? Trying to decide whether to go for it or shut down card 2 after the quick $10k initial spend. Thoughts?

    • Is it really worth to earn 10k elite points with $40k expense? Or 20k elite points with $80k expense in 2 cards? In my opinion I think I will be better off by earning UR points with CSP with higher exchange rate and getting the 7% dividends. Agree?

      In another subject, when does citi charges the annual fee? I already got the $200 credit in my first statement but no sign of the $450 fee yet and my second statement will close in15 days. I should be done with the $10k expenses by next week so do I need to wait to close the statement for the points to be “earned”? Then only cancel the card afterwards? When can i cancel the card and still try to avoid the $450 fee, if it all possible? Any guidance about that would be appreciated.

      • PointChaser

        It’s only worth it if you’re going for status: 10k elite points by themselves aren’t worth anything otherwise. Also, you’re not spending $40,000. If you meet this spend through gift cards (Amex, then Vanilla Reloads), you are eliminating fees entirely and making a profit. So really, it’s not costing you much other than time.

        Points should post shortly (usually a week or so) after billing closes. The annual fee is charged during the first billing cycle. If you haven’t been charged, keep quiet. 🙂

  31. Just applied for second AA100,000 card. Was approved for 1st 62 days ago.Got denied with 2 phone calls. One said my application was to recent to the other one, the other said I already have the card, can’t get a second. My credit is 780 with 6 figure income. After reading previous posts I didn’t think it would be a problem. Any other people a no go ?

    • PointChaser

      You are the first person to report a rejection. It’s a hassle, but I’d call back a third time. There are people on Flyertalk reporting their FIFTH approval. Just tell them you need to get a second card to separate your spending, and point out your great credit score and that you pay your cards off every month, etc. Let me know how it goes!

  32. Gave it one more try with a third call, got nowhere. Wondering how everybody else made it sound easy!

    • PointChaser

      Sorry to hear that, Al. I think they’re starting to enforce those restrictions. I know some folks got 5 of these cards without problems. They are tightening the rules.

  33. Something very strange happened with my second application of the AA Executive from March 23rd. I just called today to find out when my card was mailed and was surprised by the news that my second card was never approved. HOW SO??? I was told by the credit analyst on my second call on the 23rd that she saw my application was denied because it was considered a duplication but she had good news for me; she was approving my application and she actually gave me details about the new card (limit and the bonus that she said I was going to get from both cards).
    I just called Citi recon twice tonight and was told the exactly same things in both calls. I am not happy that I was lied about a fake approval. The first analyst I called today even said that my credit was never pulled in the second application (03/24), therefore I could not have been approved. WOW!!! I felt like I was child trying to prove that I was saying the truth to her teacher. The only approved application they see in my records was dated from March 3rd. I am very upset and wondering what should I do next. Both analyst I talked to today said that Citi only approves one card by program… Oh Really!!! Sure!!!

    Anyways, can anybody give me some guidance on what to do? Reapply? Call recon again tomorrow? Please help.

    • Points&Points

      Does anybody know if they are still approving the second AA executive? Is the 65 day waiting between applications apply?

      • PointChaser

        They’ve changed the wording, limiting each person to one bonus. I just went through the FT thread and as of yesterday, somebody reported getting a third card approved.

  34. I just got approved for a 2nd card last night. The rep on the phone simply asked for my SSN and verified that I would be getting the bonus. Hopefully I’ll get it.

  35. I applied for second card (3rd in the household) and after 3 minutes on the phone to verification of my info (just my name) I was approved for $5K credit line. After moving $5K from another Citi card, my credit line was updated to $10K. No mention of my existing card.

    • PointChaser

      Good to know they’re still approving additional cards despite the T&C changes. My only concern is that they won’t pay out the second/third bonus. Hopefully that’s not the case.

  36. I was approved in late March for my first card. Am planning on waiting until June (if the offer is still open) for a second card. I’m unclear as to whether I should cancel the first card before applying for the second one. Any thoughts?

    • PointChaser

      Citi has updated the terms limiting the acquisition of a second card, but some folks are still able to get it. Most folks waited just a week between applications so if you’re going to give it a shot you can do so now. Plus, the offer is supposed to expire some time this month.

  37. I have a question about buying gift cards to meet minimum spending. Have you ever given any mall your driver license number in order to buy >$1k? If they ask, would you? Is there any reports or anything do you know?

    Thank you so much.

    • PointChaser

      I’ve never done that – though Walmart has asked for it on money order purchases over $3,000. I would try to avoid this, just because I don’t want my personal information floating around out there.

  38. Did you ever get your 2nd 100K bonus points to post? If so, how long did it take? 8-10 weeks or right after your 1st statement date?

    • PointChaser

      It posted right after the first statement date. I know people who got their third and even sixth card approved. Currently, the highest available offer for this card is 75k.

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