Possible Reselling Opportunity: Save Up to 24% On UGG Boots Through TopCashback

I know what some of you are thinking: UGG boots are ugly and overpriced. Well, yes, some of them are. But there are actually some very nice boots made by UGG Australia that don’t look like bear paws (which, incidentally, is the name of an UGG rip-off brand). These higher end models can be pricey. But now there’s a way to save up to 24% on UGG boots purchases online: TopCashback is currently offering 11% cash back at the online UGG store. This doesn’t just apply to merchandise – gift card purchases qualify for cash back too. If you don’t already have an account, you can earn $15 by using my TopCashback referral link to sign up. Once you earn at least $10 cash back, you’ll get the $15 sign-up bonus.

TopCashback is offering 11% cash back on UGG purchases - including UGG gift cards!
TopCashback is offering 11% cash back on UGG purchases – including UGG gift cards!

To save more than 11% on your UGG store purchase, simply double-dip by going through the cash back portal twice. Once to buy an UGG store gift card with a 2% cash back card and then again to buy merchandise using the previously purchased gift card. TopCashback is offering the highest payout at the UGG store, so even at 11% you’re getting a good deal. E-gift cards are also available and can take up to 48 hours to process (though mine took less than 24 hours).

The 24% savings generated from stacking gift cards and using a 2% cash back credit card can add up to a substantial amount if you’re looking to buy a pair of the more high-end boots. These models are actually very well made and last a long time. I bought a pair back in 2008 and they’re still in great shape, even though I’ve gotten caught in the rain a few times while wearing them.

Recently, I had my eye on the Gershwin boots. These were sold out last season but made a comeback this fall. They’re not cheap at $250 but they’re exactly what I’ve been looking for. Being able to save $60 by purchasing them through TopCashback is certainly a nice bonus, since I was expecting something around the 2 – 4% cash back range when I began searching for the highest payouts on CashBackMonitor.

If you’re considering this for a resale opportunity, it could work depending on which boots you’re going after. A brand new pair of the aforementioned UGG Gershwin boots is listed for $234 on eBay. Buying them through the UGG Australia website would cost $271.56, including tax (two-day shipping is free). Factoring in the $55 cash back earned through TopCashback and assuming you can sell the boots for $234 and pay $23.40 in eBay seller fees, you would come out ahead by $5.96.

Depending on which cash back or mile-earning credit card you’d use for this purchase, you would also earn at least a few hundred miles or enough cash back for a Pumpkin Spice Latte (though combining this with your UGG boot purchase may get you branded as a Basic B****). Is it worth the trouble? I wouldn’t resell at these rates. However, if you come across a more profitable pair of shoes you could essentially drop-ship them to buyers and earn some extra miles at no cost.

Over the weekend, TopCashback was also offering coupons for 20% off certain boots and free overnight shipping on all purchases. These coupon codes aren’t available now. But you might want to check back next weekend to see if they’re back up.

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  1. No offense but isn’t this too much work for 5 bucks? Besides, paypal fees and shipping costs?

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