Save on Southwest Wanna Get Away Bookings Before March 31

This may have slipped past you, but I’m a big fan of Southwest Airlines. They’re a great airline, are fair with their customers, and have a revenue-based award chart that comes in handy for cheap, short-haul flights. That last bit is about to change somewhat.

As I wrote earlier this year, redemption rates for Wanna Get Away fares are increasing by nearly 12%. These are the cheapest fares offered by Southwest and starting March 31, they will require 70 points per $1 to redeem, as opposed to 60 points per $1. So a $100 award ticket will require 7,000 points rather than 6,000.

If you have an upcoming trip you’re planning that involves travel on Southwest, you should consider booking before March 31. Not only will this save you nearly 12% on the lowest fare, but if your plans change, Southwest has a lenient change policy with no .

Do you have any upcoming trips to Southwest?

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  1. That is a very misleading title… You don’t save 12% on current fares.

    • PointChaser

      It specifies “award bookings,” which is different from “fares.” 60 to 70 points is about a 12% increase, so you do save 12% on your award by redeeming before March 31.

      • Funny that your tweet (visible on the right side of the page) shows “Save 12% on Southwest Wanna Get Away Fares Before March 31”. Did you change the title after the fact?

        You don’t save 12% on award bookings either. The proper way to state this would be “Award bookings increase by 12% after March 31st”.

        This is a pitiful attempt to drum up page views.

        • PointChaser

          I don’t need to drum up page views, though if that’s what I was doing it’s interesting that it brought you back twice on here just to complain about it. Thank you for your feedback.

          • Third time… ;^) Can you tell it’s a slow day at work for me?

            I like your content. I try to read your blog every time you post something. I’m just surprised you would try to do ‘mislead’ like this. It makes me question your motives. I realize it is tough coming up with a new angle to the same story but this isn’t the way to do it.

          • I get your point of view. My intention was not to mislead. For what it’s worth, I’m not one of these bloggers who benefits massively from drawing in traffic and turning that into conversions. I’d be better off running a lemonade stand than trying to turn this site into a cash cow with eye-catching headlines.

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