Safeway Just For U Deal: $10 off Visa Gift Card Purchase of $150+

Update 12/9/15 @ 3:15 PM: The $10 off coupon is in fact valid on just one purchase per account. I picked up a $500 Visa gift card at Safeway today. The $10 discount was applied right at the register after I entered my registered phone number. When I went back for a second Visa gift card, no discount was applied to my purchase.

With shopping portals no longer offering cash back on Amex gift card purchases, manufactured spending is no longer free. We’re now stuck earning our miles at discounted rates, which isn’t always possible. However, every once in a while some merchants will offer us discounts for purchasing churnable Visa gift cards. Reader Spencer gave me a heads up that one of my regular gift card sources, Safeway, is running a promotion through their Just for U program: Through December 19, 2015 members can get an instant $10 rebate when purchasing Visa gift cards worth $150 or more. Just log into your Just for U account, search for the coupon, and add it to your account. The rebate will be applied at check-out.

Safeway Just for U $10 off Visa Gift Cards

The terms state the offer is “valid” through December 12, but the final redemption deadline is December 19. I assume it means you can add the coupon to your account through December 12 and redeem by the 19th. Customers are limited to one $10 coupon per transaction though, the terms also specify a limit of “1 per household.”

This afternoon, I’ll do a test run to see whether I can apply the coupon to two separate $500 Visa gift card purchases. Even if I end up with just one $10 rebate, it will mostly cover the $11.90 gift card fees. In this case, paying $1.90 for 2,000 Arrival Miles (i.e. $20 worth of travel credits) is totally worthwhile. If you really want to maximize this purchase, you might want to use a credit card that pays out bonus points on grocery store spending.

Be sure to browse Just for U deals for other gift card rebates. I found one for 20% off Gap gift cards, which is actually a pretty amazing deal. In-store, my local Safeway was offering 15% off iTunes gift cards, which is actually a higher discount than you’ll currently find on GiftCardGranny.

If you’ve already put the Just for U Visa gift card rebate to the test on multiple purchases, please share your experience in the comment section.

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  1. I’m loving Safeway now. The Safeway Store in Hawaii I go to charges excise tax (4.1667%) on the Visa gift card fees ($5.95) making the cost per $500 gift card $6.20. I’ve never asked them about it. Does your state do that?

  2. Are you finding most Safeways allowing credit cards for Visa gift card purchases? I live in Seattle–anyone done so around here?

  3. Where you able to get the coupon to work on separate purchases?

  4. Very easy to create multiple “Just4U” accounts, just a phone and email, address. We have a couple phone lines for businesses and so far have gotten a redemption for each! Hoping to use a few more friend’s Safeway cards for this promotion.

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