Safeway Gas Rewards Offering 4 Points Per $1 on Gift Cards

Somebody at Safeway Gas Rewards has been hanging out on the miles & points forums lately. It’s great enough that you can earn gas rewards and double miles with certain credit cards. Now Safeway is sweetening the deal with 4x Gas Rewards Points per $1 on gift card purchases.

Safeway Gas Rewards 4 Points

If you’re a Safeway shopper, use your Amex Gold or Hilton to buy Safeway giftcards. This way you’re earning your usual 2 points per $1 on grocery store purchases, while earning 4 times the number of Gas Rewards points you would normally earn.

If your local Safeway store lets you buy the elusive $1,000 REloadit cards with a credit card, you’re golden.

For all other giftcards, I’d continue buying them at office supply stores to maximize the Ink card’s 5 point category.

Rewards can be redeemed at Chevron gas stations, though some folks on the east coast can redeem them at Exxon stations.

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  1. Many Kroger-owned stores are doing this right now, too.

  2. I think it’s the regular Amex Gold that get’s 2x at Supermarkets, not the Business Gold. That gets 2x at gas stations.

  3. Unless Safeways classify as gas stations in your area.

  4. Looks like Safeway and REloadit gift cards and many other gift cards will not earn gas points per the T&C.
    “Eligible purchases exclude… gift card… Safeway… REloadit”

  5. AMEX cash preferred is the way to go for 6% cashback here.
    On the east coast they have stopped Selling Shell Gas gift cards since Shell now partners with Giant.

    Any one know more about the reloaditcard? How is it any different from purchasing a $500 visa gift card for 5.95.?

    Keep in mind that buying a Safeway gift card doesn’t give points. Otherwise you can use it to buy another gift card and use another one to buy another..and just keep on repeating.

    • PointChaser

      The fee for the reloadit cards is $3.95 and that card comes in $500-1000 increments.

    • I’ve earned gas points for buying a safeway giftcard…I usually do that when they are running the bonus like this before i fill up my car and use it to pay at the pump. $25 gc + 4xs points = $.10 discount. I don’t think yu can churn their gc’s though

      • I recently bought a safewaygift card. I didn’t get any points for the gift card purchase, only points when I use the giftcard to buy other things. Perhaps if change the policy recently. And I don’t think the ink bold gets you to 2x at grocery stores

        • Btw, I bought she’ll gift cards with prg card. This is a great deal. Best Deal is buy ebay gift cards and use them to buy other gift cards at a discount plus ebay bucks. (10% gas, 2x Mr points, 2% ebay bucks, plus whatever discount on gift card)

      • PointChaser

        Good to know, but it looks like people are getting mixed results with that one.

  6. no way to sign up for the safeway card online? How does the safeway club card work?

  7. Milesw****

    Since when does ink give 2 x points for groceries?

  8. Doesn’t work for Reloadits or prepaid visa/mc gift cards. I tried it 🙁

  9. TheDapperChurner

    Does Kroger allow you to buy money pak cards with CC? I have visited one that didn’t. I haven’t tried the one close to my house.

  10. TheDapperChurner

    Kroger will allow you to get fuel points on 100 dollar visa/mc/amex gift cards. They won’t let you get that on the variable load variety.

  11. I just came back from Von’s and the signage only shows Apple and Olive Garden gifts that qualify for 4X. Can anyone confirm?

    • PointChaser

      Haven’t seen any signs at my local store. I would think the official site trumps the store sign, but I guess it differs across individual stores.

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