Safeway Gas Rewards Now Valid at Chevron

Update: Reader Ben points out that Safeway has partnered up with Exxon on the east coast. 

Those of you who shop at Safeway are probably aware of Safeway Gas Rewards. Every time you  swipe your Safeway card (or enter your phone number) at the register, you earn 1 point per $1 on all purchases, and 2 points per $1 on select gift card purchases. Every 100 points gets you $0.10 per gallon in discounts at the pump.

Safeway Gas Rewards Now Valid at Chevron

In the past, these discounts were valid at Safeway gas stations only. However, Safeway has now extended these savings to Chevron gas stations. This makes it very convenient to redeem your points, as not all Safeway locations have gas stations. The closest Safeway gas station to my house is 30 minutes away, so I often let those points expire.

I recently went to a Chevron gas station and the process was fairly simple. As soon as you swipe your credit card, you’ll be asked to either enter your Safeway rewards number or associated phone number. I didn’t have any rewards, which was reflected on the screen. However, if you do have rewards, the discount will be applied to your gas purchase.

There are restrictions on how much you can save, and various other rules apply in different states.

Overall, though, this is good news for those who shop frequently at Safeway and don’t live near a Safeway gas station.

A great way to maximize your point/mile earning is to purchase Chevron gift cards at your local Staples using a Chase Ink card. This earns you 5 points per $1, and along with the savings from the Gas Rewards program, makes it much more lucrative to get gas at Chevron.

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  1. HockeyCoachBen

    Safeway has partnered with Exxon & Mobil here on the East Coast for the same thing. Don’t know if all 3 are nation-wide but it definitely gives Safeway customers more options than any other supermarket chain!

  2. Actually Giant Foods supermarket is a better option if there’s one near you. They’re faster to earn (many items in store earn 5x points) and you can getter higher cashback. Safeway’s sucky program excludes many items, even *gasp* “Fluid Items in the Refrigerated Dairy Section.”

    • PointChaser

      You east coasters have it pretty good then. Unfortunately Safeway’s program is the best option we’ve got out west.

  3. Ron Phillips

    My Chevron station does not offer rewards at pump…you have to go in side and ask for the rewards……pump.does not automatically ask for Safeway / phone number…..I think they ripping off most people who don’t ask….hey where’s the Safeway reward offer?

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