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Points and Miles Checklist: Things to Do in February 2015

Did January fly by or what? I barely got last months’ list done and now there’s a new list of things to do for February. It doesn’t seem like much, but you add your points and miles tasks on top of your regular to do list and it becomes a race against the clock. This month it’s mainly reminders about point purchase promotions, taking advantage of special award redemptions and remembering to do things you forgot to do last month (guilty):

Get out your things to do list for February (minus the outdated cell phone)!
Get out your things to do list for February (minus the outdated cell phone)!

Redeem Your Hyatt Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards

If you haven’t redeemed your Hyatt Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards, you have until February 28 to do so. Each Diamond Suite Upgrade Award is good for up to seven nights and can be applied for stays after February 28. Diamond members receive four of these each year. So if you’ve managed to obtain Diamond status through 2016, you’ll get four more Hyatt Suite Upgrade Awards on March 1.

Book Flying Blue Promo Awards

Air France/KLM Flying Blue Promo Awards can be a great value, even in light of the heavy taxes they impose. The current list offers discounts of up to 50%, which can be discounted further if you’re like most people and transferring points from the Membership Rewards program (due to the 5,000 point bonus for every 20,000 points transferred). Bookings must be made by February 28, for travel between April 1 – May 31, 2015.

Free Travel from Rite Aid

No, I’m not talking about buying massive amounts of Vanilla Reload cards (those days are long gone). Apparently, Rite Aid is now in the business of free travel, giving customers who buy $250 worth of qualifying products the option to choose between a free domestic flight, a free cruise, or a free 7-day resort stay. I guess it’s not really free if you have to buy $250 worth of Butt Powder, unless you were going to stock up anyway.

Buy or Transfer Miles

I’m generally not a fan of buying miles, but sometimes you have to do it and it’s always nice when you can get a discount. There are a few rewards programs offering bonuses on point purchases. Through March 3, American Airlines and US Airways are both offering a 10% discount and a 30,000 bonus for purchasing miles. The bonus will depend on how many miles you buy, and the 10% discount is good through February 9:

Miles Purchased Bonus Miles/Discount
20,000 – 39,000 7,000 + 10% off
40,000 – 59,000 15,000 + 10% off
60,000 – 74,000 23,000 + 10% off
75,000 – 100,000 30,000 + 10% off

Through February 16, 2015 Avianca LifeMiles is offering the usual 100% bonus miles on transferred miles. Since Barclay codes LifeMiles purchases as travel, you can redeem Arrival Miles for your purchases.

If you’re a few points short of a Hyatt Gold Passport award (and no Ultimate Rewards to transfer) you’ll appreciate Hyatt’s point purchase promotion. Through February 15, 2015, Hyatt Gold Passport is offering a bonus of up to 30% on purchased points, depending on the amount purchased:

  • 1,000 – 9,000 points = 10% bonus
  • 10,000 – 29,000 points = 20% bonus
  • 30,000 – 40,000 points = 30% bonus

Link Your AAdvantage and Dividend Miles Accounts. I mentioned these two items in last month’s list, but they’re worth repeating: If you haven’t linked your American AAdvantage and US Airways Dividend Miles accounts, you might want to get that over with. If for no other reason than to stop those annoying pop-up reminders every time you log into your account.

Is there anything else (points and miles related) that you’ve got on your February 2015 to do list?

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  1. Ariana, about transferring miles for the Flying Blue Promo fares, it is SPG that gives a 5000 miles bonus for every 20,000 miles transferred, NOT Membership Rewards, which I don’t think has any transfers with KLM, but I could be wrong, as I’ve only used MR to transfer to BA and HA.

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