Points and Miles Beginner's Guide

Points and Miles Beginner’s Guide: Sign up for Survey Sites

Points and Miles Beginner’s Guide

#4. Sign up for survey sites. Survey sites are free and easy to join. You earn points that can be transferred to the program of your choice. The major point-earning survey sites are E-miles, Points.com, Audience Rewards, and WhiteBoard.

Update: E-miles no longer offers miles as a prize option. Points can now only be redeemed for Amazon and Restaurant.com gift cards.

E-miles: Earn miles by viewing advertisements, completing surveys, and occasionally making purchases and charitable donations. You’re limited to earning 1500 miles per month. Mileage deposits can be requested in increments of 500. Through charitable donations (which often come with 100-2000 points bonuses), you can easily earn the maximum points every 1-2 months.

You will only be allowed to transfer your points to a single airline, which must be selected at registration. The only exception is if the carrier no longer operates in your region or you’ve moved, in which case E-miles will let you choose a new program. There are also reports of people signing up for multiple E-miles accounts using different email addresses, but I would steer clear of such practices, as this will result in getting banned from E-miles altogether.

E-rewards: Members earn cash for taking surveys, which are used to purchase points from their extensive list of airline and hotel loyalty partners. Rewards start at $25 for 500 miles. This program is by invitation only, though apparently you can sign up using one of the links below:

Audience Rewards: Select the airline or hotel loyalty program of your choice and earn points for answering trivia questions. This Milepoint thread maintains a list of answers to trivia questions.

I usually earn 1000 points combined from these programs every 1-2 month. E-miles is especially easy, since they run very generous promotions for making charitable donations.

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  1. Hello! I just tried the link to TheWhiteboard and it didn’t work. I tried signing up on my own, but found you need an invite. Any idea how I can get an invite? Thanks so much!

  2. Hi Ariana, thank you so much for this! I recently signed up for Audience Rewards and connected it to my SPG account. Do the points post directly to Starwood, or do I have to transfer them somehow? And how long does the process take? I haven’t noticed any difference in the past couple of weeks…

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