Points and Miles Beginner's Guide

Point Chasing Goals & Principles

Point Chasing Goals & Principles

1. Travel free. More importantly, enrich your life with travel opportunities that are otherwise out of reach. Fly first class to Dubai, live it up in an over-the-water bungalow in the Maldives, take off for a weekend getaway in Ireland if that makes you happy. Traveling “free” isn’t just about traveling free of charge, but being free to travel as you wish.

2. Travel with status. Enjoy upgrades and perks that are reserved for “elites.” This means getting better seats on airlines, getting hotel room upgrades, extra amenities, club lounge access, bonus points, and more. Basically, living the good without paying for it.

3. Don’t abuse loopholes. Charging tons of giftcards to your point-earning credit card, buying US mint coins and redepositing them in to your account, sending too many Amazon payments – these are all hustles that have been or will be shut down due to abuse. If you’re going to buy giftcards, do so in moderation. Throw in a little regular spending for good measure. The relationship between point chasers and businesses (whether airlines, retailers, banks, etc.) should be mutually beneficial.

4. Don’t call the airline. Thinking of calling customer service to book a mistake fare? Don’t. The deal will get shut down fast and the agent will not try to help you obtain it in any way.

The only exception to this rule is if you’re trying to get a bonus from the airline or hotel program. If a higher bonus has expired, the bonus has increased after you obtained a card, or there is a higher targeted offer out there, there is a good chance the credit card company will give it to you if you ask.

5. Share your knowledge. With so many opportunities to earn points, it makes no sense to keep it all to yourselves. Share your knowledge with others, get tips in exchange, and feel great knowing you’ve opened up a new world of travel opportunities for someone else. But keep #3 in mind.

If I missed anything, feel free to add it to the comment section.

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