Park Hyatt Sydney Opera King Room Review

My trip to Sydney was more about visiting family, but the one thing I absolutely had to do was stay at the Park Hyatt Sydney. The hotel was sold out all week except for December 26, which also happened to be my birthday, so I booked it without hesitation. The only room type available was a Standard King, which was going for well over $1,000 that night. I used just 22,000 points. The Park Hyatt Sydney has since been moved to the newly created Category 7, which requires 30,000 points per night.

Park Hyatt Sydney Harbourside
Park Hyatt Sydney Exterior
View from Circular Quay Train Station
View from Circular Quay Train Station

Park Hyatt Sydney Location

The Park Hyatt Sydney has a great location in The Rocks, right underneath the Harbour Bridge. It was close to a variety of great shops and restaurants. I knew the hotel was something special, but this perception was validated when the information agent at Circular Quay train station responded to my request for directions with, “The Park Hyatt? It’s only the best hotel in the city!” Turns out it was a short walk from the station and you could practically see it from the train platform.

Park Hyatt Sydney Exterior Photo
Park Hyatt Sydney Exterior

Less than 10 minutes later, we were on a quiet tree-lined street with beautiful brick buildings to our left and glimpses of the harbour to the right. The exterior of the Park Hyatt is understated and blends well into the neighborhood. The entrance (or as the fancy pants hotel website describes it, the “Porte-cochere”) is a bit further down the street, right under the Harbour Bridge. Two colorful sculptures sat in front, creating a circular driveway, and behind that was a desk staffed with four cheerful bellmen and parking attendants. They greeted us and one of them walked us inside.

Park Hyatt Sydney Hotel Entrance Bell Desk
Park Hyatt Sydney Entrance

Park Hyatt Sydney Check -in 

Right through the door was the front desk, where the agent smiled and welcomed us. There was a restaurant. The Living Room. behind the check-in area where guests were having lunch. This gave the lobby a bit more vibrancy. After looking up my reservation, the agent introduced me to the assistant manager, who walked me up to my room for check-in. She took my bag and said someone would bring it up shortly.

Park Hyatt Sydney Front Desk
Park Hyatt Sydney reception desk

The assistant manager, Michelle, was friendly and upbeat. As we were walking, she informed me I’d been upgraded to an Opera King Room” with a lovely view,” and offered me a choice of Diamond amenities along with late checkout. The late checkout was appreciated and totally unexpected, considering the hotel was fully booked the next night.

Park Hyatt Sydney Hallway Outside Elevator Photos
Park Hyatt Sydney Hallway Outside Elevator
Park Hyatt Sydney Hallway Photos
Park Hyatt Sydney Hallway – Far less dingy than they appear

The hallway was lit with traces of natural light from the windows facing the street. Every once in a while, we’d come across a strange piece of art, like this sculpture of what I think are supposed to be fingers? I would love to be the person who picks out art for hotels. It seems like you can pretty much get away with anything.

Park Hyatt Sydney Sculptures in the hallway
Sculptures in the hallway at Park Hyatt Sydney

In the room, Michelle handed me the keys and had me sign some forms. This was by far the speediest check-in I’ve ever experienced. Just a few minutes after she left, my luggage was dropped off. My cousin tells me tipping isn’t part of the culture in Australia, and this hotel did have a ton of non-American guests. Regardless of cultural norms, I always tip the staff everywhere I go.

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera King Room

The Opera King Room was spacious and beautifully decorated. At the time it was going for well over $1,500 per night, so I’d say I got great value out of my points.

Review Park Hyatt Sydney Opera King Room
Park Hyatt Sydney Opera King Room

The Opera King Room was sleek, modern, and luxurious in an understated way. I loved the layout, the decor, the view. It was incredibly well executed and beautiful from every angle – a theme that is prevalent throughout the hotel. Two bottles of water were left on the bedside, which was nice because this seems like the type of place where a bottle of water would set you back at least $6.

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera View Room Photos
Park Hyatt Sydney King Opera Room

There was one King bed, a dining table with two chairs, and another chair near the bed. The room was spacious and certainly had everything you’d want out of a suite, let alone a standard room.

Park Hyatt Sydney King Opera Room Closet Unit
Park Hyatt Sydney King Opera Room Closet

Next to the ample closet unit (which spanned the length of the hallway) was a drawer stocked with snacks and drinks. On the table was a bowl of fruit accompanied by a welcome note signed by the general manager. When we left and returned in the evening, the bowl of fruit had been replenished.

Fruit bowl and a welcome note from the General Manager
Fruit bowl and a welcome note from the General Manager at Park Hyatt Sydney

There was more storage space in the unit underneath the tv. There was also an adapter, which was convenient, since I left mine at home. Nestled on the table was an iPod docking station with speakers that really packed a punch.

Park Hyatt Sydney King Opera Room Storage unit below the tv, containing the adaptor
Storage unit below the tv, containing the adaptor in the King Opera Room at Park Hyatt Sydney

King Opera Room Bathroom

The bathroom had a unique layout. When you walk into the room, there is a very easily missed door to the right that blends into the wood wall and leads into a separate area with a toilet and sink. The toilet is one of those high tech ones with temperature controls and other ridiculous features.

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera King Bathroom
Easily overlooked bathroom door
Park Hyatt Sydney Opera King High Tech Toilet
High-tech toilet
Park Hyatt Sydney Opera King Room Bathroom Sink
Park Hyatt Sydney Opera King Bathroom Sink

Walk slightly to the left and you’ll find the bathroom, which has two wood sliding doors separating it from the bedroom and hallway. Inside, you’ll find everything you need: The softest bathrobes, plenty of towels, Bergamote 22 amenities, bath salts, and a drawer filled with essentials that other hotels skimp out on in the room, including toothbrushes, a shower cap, sewing kit, and even a razor. The hair dryer was also high quality. Usually hotel room hair dryers are tiny and barely let out any air. I underestimated this one and nearly burned my scalp off.

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera King Room Bathroom Shower and Tub
The gorgeous bathroom

There is a glass door separating the sink area from the shower and tub. The shower has a bit of an odd layout – it’s situated next to the tub, with nothing sectioning it off – but it looks pretty and functions well.

King Opera Room Balcony

Out on balcony there are two chairs and a table. The floors are hardwood and there is a glass barrier so as not to obstruct the amazing view of the Opera House.

Park Hyatt Sydney Park Opera King View from the Balcony
Park Opera King Balcony at Park Hyatt Sydney

The only thing that I loved more than the room itself was sitting out on the balcony and people watching. This was probably the only time I was grateful for insomnia. I pretty much sat on that balcony all night and worked on my laptop.

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera House View
View from the Park Opera King Room at Park Hyatt Sydney

In case you’re wondering, they do eventually turn the lights off at the Opera House (around 2 AM or so), at which point the whole place became pitch black. The only “night light” I had was the giant yacht that pulled up outside the hotel earlier that afternoon and lit up that evening like a Christmas tree. No complaints on my end.

Park Hyatt Sydney Room View at night
View before they turned off the lights at the Opera House

Check back for the next post, where I’ll cover the hotel’s room service, and breakfast at The Dining Room.

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    That view looks…. AMAZING.

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