12 Things To Know About the Nizuc Resort and Spa in Cancun

Back in May I spent three nights at the Nizuc Resort and Spa in Cancun. I was starting a new job the following week, it was Mother’s Day and I found an insanely good deal on a Master Suite through Club1 Hotels. How did I hear about this place? I was following Bethenny Frankel on Snapchat a few months back (before her witty snark turned annoying). She was at this beautiful resort and kept saying, “This is the best vacation of my life. You can’t even imagine – it’s a whole different vibe out here.” A Google search turned up the Nizuc Resort and Spa and it immediately went on my wish list. The resort definitely lived up to its hype, though there were a few cons. Rather than do a traditional review, I thought I’d share 12 things to know about the Nizuc Resort and Spa:

Nizuc Resort Cancun Grounds
The gorgeous grounds of the Nizuc Resort Cancun

1. This is the most photogenic resort I’ve ever been to. The Nizuc Resort and Spa is absolutely stunning: You can’t help but think you’re in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The water is crystal clear and calm, the rooms have the perfect rustic feel. It’s definitely one of the most Instagrammable places I’ve ever stayed at – in fact, no Instagram filter will do it justice. So leave your phone at home or set some kind of limit for yourself because you literally won’t be able to take enough pictures of this resort.

Nizuc Resort Cancun Private Beach
The Nizuc Resort’s gorgeous private beach

If you’re a beach person, you’ll love that this resort has its own private beach. Unless someone from the nearby Club Med wanders over, you won’t see anyone. Even those people staying at the hotel are few and far in between. 

2.  The resort is quiet, secluded…and close to the airport. I love a quiet atmosphere – it’s why I prefer smaller hotels. At 29 acres, the Nizuc Resort is pretty spread out and, I’m told, they rarely hit occupancy rates over 50%. This place couldn’t be further from the spring break environment Cancun has become known for – no drunk college students stumbling around, broken bottles, or loud music coming from seedy nightclubs. It’s the perfect resort for people who just want to unwind.

Nizuc Resort Beach Cabanas
Nizuc Resort Cancun – an amazing hotel you can book with miles from the Barclay Arrival Premier MasterCard

Because of how vastly the resort is spread out, it’s a great place for families and couples alike. Everyone has their own space and can enjoy the serenity. There is a kids pool and club for little ones, while adults can pretty much go anywhere and find peace and tranquility. All of this, in spite of being just 15 minutes from the airport.

3. It’s got charm for dayz. What makes the Nizuc Resort so special are the cute little hidden spots around the property. For example, if you walk past the adult pool, you’ll end up in this little brush area that opens up to a vast sandbank. This area is almost designed for selfies, it’s so unbelievably beautiful.

Nizuc Resort and Review Beach and Boat
Nizuc Resort and Spa Beach and Boat

When you head back, you’ll notice a little dock to your left with two lounge chairs overlooking the ocean. It’s the perfect place to read a book, get a tan, or take one of those envy-inducing “this is my office for the day” Instagram shots. 

Nizuc Resort & Spa Private Beach Dock
Nizuc Resort & Spa Private Beach Dock

4. The rooms are unique. What’s great about the Nizuc Resort is that you can choose from staying in a standard hotel room, a 3-bedroom pool villa, a Master Suite with a massive infinity pool and incredible ocean views, and everything in between. There really is something for everyone. Room rates are also not as outrageous as you’d expect – booked with Club1 Hotels, they can be downright reasonable. I would venture so far as to say that there is something for almost every budget, depending on the time of year you’re traveling.

Nizuc Master Suite Living Room
Living room of the Master Suite at Nizuc Resort Cancun

5. The spa is overpriced…but also worth it. You know how Elvis used to fly his plane to Denver for a peanut butter bacon sandwich? If I ever get my own private jet, I’ll fly to Cancun for spa treatments at the Nizuc Resort and Spa. The spa experience was superb. Every spa treatment comes with a complimentary hydrotherapy treatment, which is performed first. My mom and I wanted to skip straight to our treatments since we were going to be late for dinner, so the staff gave us day passes we could use another day. I got the best facial and pedicure of my life, while my mom had a facial and a massage. Not a bad way to spend Mother’s Day, right? 

Nizuc Resort Cancun Spa Review
The Spa at Nizuc Resort Cancun

When we returned the next day, we were basically expecting to splash around the pool and drink cucumber water. Instead, we were provided with a hydrotherapy treatment that lasted over two hours. It consisted of time in the steam room, sauna, vitality pool, and yet another facial and eye treatment. My skin never felt or looked more hydrated and youthful than after those treatments. Screw La Mere – if you really want to look 10 years younger, get a facial at the Nizuc Resort and Spa.

6. The resort has a masculine Bali meets Maldives vibe. I know it’s odd to refer to a resort as masculine, but it did give off that vibe. Like it was built for Thor to live in or something. Even the bath products smelled like men’s cologne, especially the shower gel. I personally loved the modern/rustic decor but really didn’t like smelling like I’d walked into Tom Haverford’s cologne cloud.

Nizuc Cancun Lobby
Nizuc Resort & Spa Cancun Lobby

The Nizuc Resort is sort of a cross between Bali and The Maldives. The staff gave off the same serene, zen vibe as the lovely folks at the Conrad Bali, while the resort itself resembled the Park Hyatt Maldives. If you want the tranquility, crystal clear waters, and seclusion of the Maldives without flying 10,000+ miles, the Nizuc Resort is a good alternative.

Nizuc Resort Cancun Grounds
The gorgeous grounds of the Nizuc Resort Cancun

7. The Bath Products Suck. For a resort this nice, you’d expect decent bath products.The bathrooms were stocked with L’Occitane amenities, which are normally awesome. However, this particular line would probably top Hyatt’s old White Ginger in terms of awfulness.

Nizuc Cancun bath products
L’Occitane bath products at the Nizuc Resort Cancun

The body wash smelled like Drakkar Noir. The shampoo was the kind that didn’t lather, (which, to be fair, I hear is actually a good thing). Paired with the watery conditioner, it left my hair rough and unhealthy looking. Definite thumbs down for the bath products.

8. The food is largely a hit, with a few misses. The food at the Nizuc Resort and Spa ranged from amazing to bland. Breakfast at Cafe De La Playa was probably my favorite. If you go there, be sure to order the motelenos, an a-la-carte item that is included if you pay for the buffet. The Nizuc Resort is also probably the only hotel I’ve stayed at that had amazingly delicious room service food. Not so great? Dessert at Ramona’s was disappointing, as was the steak at La Puente. But there are so many on-site restaurant that you’ll definitely find something you like.

Nizuc Cancun Cafe De La Playa Breakfast Review
Delicious Motelenos served for breakfast at Cafe De La Playa

9. The service is great – but at times feels scripted. The staff at the Nizuc Resort was lovely for the most part. They remembered our names and went above and beyond to make our stay as seamless and comfortable as possible. Any time they came across guests, whether driving by in a golf cart or greeting them at a restaurant, they always put their right hand on their chest and nodded. Exactly like in Bali! Any time we got into a golf cart, the driver notified someone at our destination so we were greeted at arrival.

However, sometimes the service felt a bit rehearsed. The staff is gracious with compliments, but mention that something isn’t perfect and they almost don’t know how to react. It’s like they’ve been programmed to only deal with positive feedback. That being said, there wasn’t a whole lot to complain about.

10. Wifi is shoddy…but may have been designed that way? The wifi at the Nizuc Resort was pretty awful and kept disconnecting. I ended up using my T-Mobile hotspot, which worked a lot better. A 5-star hotel really should have it together in the wifi department. But I guess its a good thing that the wifi sucks, because it really forces you to disconnect and enjoy your vacation.

11. Prepare for random run-ins with iguanas. The Nizuc Resort is located in a lush, tropical climate and that means lots of wildlife. In this case, the place has its healthy share of iguanas roaming around. It’s totally normal to be enjoying lunch outdoors and then have a cat-sized iguana crawl slowly towards you. They are harmless and will scurry off if you shoo them away, but if you’re not used to it, it’s kind of jarring! 

Nizuc Cancun Outdoor Restaurant
Outdoor restaurant seating at the Nizuc Resort Cancun

12. 5-star hotels are not immune to cockroaches. Speaking of random run-ins, I learned something new on this trip: That even the nicest 5-star hotels aren’t immune to cockroaches. Thankfully I never saw one or I would have done my best Janet Leigh impression. On our last night, my mom noticed cockroaches on the terrace of our suite. I mentioned it to the staff at check-out and they didn’t seem bothered by it. @Ringsthecaddy, a Florida resident, tells me this is totally normal in humid climates. So if you’re going to stay here, I guess just be sure to keep the doors closed and check your luggage for any uninvited guests. Other than this, the place is surprisingly bug-free.

Overall, my mom and I had a lovely stay at the Nizuc Resort and Spa in Cancun. It was a perfect place to relax, enjoy the gorgeous scenery, and delicious food. The service can use some improvement, but for the most part this place is a gem. I look forward to coming back for a longer vacation. Or a spa visit. 🙂

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