The Stunning Master Suite at Nizuc Resort and Spa Cancun

The Nizuc Resort and Spa in Cancun has a lot going for it: Gorgeous location, exceptional service, and some pretty incredible rooms. One of these rooms is the Master Suite, a 1,030 sqft suite with 600 sqft of outdoor space and a massive infinity pool right on the large terrace. The Master Suite at the Nizuc Resort and Spa does not come cheap. But I wanted to splurge on my last vacation before starting work and I figured if I was going to fly all the way to Cancun, why stay in a basic hotel room I could book out here? It also helped that I saved over $1,300 thanks to Club1 Hotels.

Nizuc Resort Master Suite Living Room and Dining Area

The Master Suite is has one bedroom, a large living and dining area. These suites are normally on the first through fifth floors. Ours was on the third floor room in the Amate building, offering perfect views.

Nizuc Cancun Master Suite Living Room
Nizuc Resort and Spa Master Suite Living Room

The Master Suite is actually much bigger than it looks in photos, thanks to 10 foot ceilings that aren’t properly captured in photos. The suite accommodates up to three guests, which is great for families or a group of friends who want to splurge on a nice room but keep it affordable.

Nizuc Cancun Review of the Master Suite Living Room
The Master Suite Living Room
Review Nizuc Cancun Master Suite Photos
Nizuc Resort and Spa Cancun Master Suite

Nizuc Resort Master Suite Infinity Pool

The highlight of the Nizuc Master Suite, of course, the infinity pool on the terrace. It’s filled with saltwater and cleaned on a daily basis. Not much of a pool person? You can also just relax on the ridiculously comfortable daybed. I feel asleep on it more than once while reading. There’s zero noise aside from the sound of birds chirping in the trees below. Speaking of which, they do come up to look for food, so don’t leave any out!

Nizuc Cancun Pool Suite Review
Infinity pool in the Master Suite at Nizuc Cancun

The terrace also has a table and two chairs. If you order room service on a clear day, having it set up here is pretty much mandatory. Just be aware of one little thing…cockroaches. I didn’t see any, but my mom noticed them scurrying around the terrace on our last night. I guess this is normal in humid climates?!?! At least that’s what my Florida-based friend @ringsthecaddy tells me. 

Nizuc nfinity Pool Review
Master Suite Infinity Pool at Nizuc Cancun

Anyway, other than the creepy crawlers, we had no issues with the room. And I guess one way that the Master Suite is designed to keep them outside is by how the AC is set up: When the glass doors to the terrace are opened, the AC automatically turns off.

Nizuc Resort Master Suite Bedroom

The Master Suite bedroom was located to the left of the sitting area. The bedroom was fairly small – in fact, I think it the attached bathroom was bigger. But it really is just meant to be a place to sleep. You have the rest of the massive suite to hang out, leave your clutter around, and relax. 

Nizuc Cancun Master Suite Bedroom Review
Master Suite Bedroom at Nizuc Resort and Spa

The room had a tv, two rigid chairs nobody would ever sit in and a firm, yet comfortable mattress. Every evening, the Nizuc Resort staff left a small bag with oatmeal cookies and a card with an inspirational quote on the bed. 

Master Suite Bedroom at Nizuc Resort Cancun
Nizuc Resort Master Suite Bedroom

Nizuc Resort Master Suite Bathroom

The only thing that would have made the Nizuc Resort Master Suite bathroom any more impressive would be if it had heated floors. You can thank the Andaz 5th Avenue for putting that previously ridiculous idea into my head. 

Nizuc Resort and Spa Master Suite BathroomThe photos don’t do it justice. The bathroom was massive and had a large standalone tub. Open the sliding door in front of the tub and you’ve got amazing ocean views. Or you can watch tv, which is conveniently mounted on the wall facing the tub.

Master Suite Bathroom Nizuc Cancun
Nizuc Cancun Master Suite Bathroom

The staff replenished two bottled of Fiji water on a daily basis, along with mosquito repellant and the L’Occitane bath products. I normally love L’Occitane products, but these were awful. They smelled like cologne and the shampoo left my hair a dry mess.

Review Nizuc Resort Cancun Master Suite Bathroom
Nizuc Resort and Spa Cancun Master Suite Bathroom

Nizuc Resort Master Suite: Butler Service

The Master Suite included butler service, which is not entirely useless. Our butler took really good care of us and checked in frequently to find out if he could make reservations, transportation arrangements, etc. The Master Suite living room had a drawer filled with tea and coffee pods for the Nespresso machine.

Nizuc Cancun Nespresso machine
Nespresso machine in the Master Suite at Nizuc Cancun

But there was no green tea, so my mom called the butler to ask for some. He brought us three different kinds of green tea. Then he called to ask which was our favorite, letting us know he would be restocking our pantry with it throughout our stay.

Nizuc Resort Master Suite: Final Thoughts

When it comes to paid or award travel, my philosophy is simple: 


If I’m flying more than three hours to go on a vacation, I want a unique room that is unlike anything I can book nearby. The Master Suite at the Nizuc Resort fit the bill. Yes, it was a little bit pricey but it was also pretty frikin awesome. Was it necessary? No. But it was fun and I saved a ton by booking with Club1 Hotels

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