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My Final Point Haul from the IHG Priceless Surprises Promotion

As most of you know, the IHG Rewards Club Priceless Surprises promotion ended back in February. When I initially wrote about the promotion, I promised to post my final point tally and I’m happy to report the majority of the points did in fact post by the time April rolled around. Back in November I prepared 470 entries for myself and four people in my immediate family. Yes, I still have full function of both hands thanks to several family members who pitched in.

My entries for IHG Priceless Surprises
My entries for IHG Priceless Surprises

Based on the minimum reward of 500 points, I was expecting 47,000 points per person at a cost of about $46.06 in postage. I ended up with a total of 243,000 IHG points from 436 entries at a total cost of around $250 (factoring in the cost of extra index cards, shipping labels, and envelopes). Below is a breakdown of the number of points credited to each person’s account:

Me 94 emails = 50,500 points

Mom 93 emails = 52,500 points 

Dad 78 emails = 46,500 points

Brother 94 emails = 50,500 points 

Sister 77 emails = 43,000 points

Total 436 emails = 243,000 points

This is slightly a bigger haul than I had initially anticipated. As you may have noticed, a total of 34 entries are missing. I reached out to IHG Rewards Club about getting those credited and received confirmation that they had forwarded my request to HelloWorld, the company handling the entries. I never got any additional emails for any account, except for my sister’s. IHG sent her 17 entries but I dropped the ball and didn’t check her email before the promotion ended. I tried to click on the entries, but received a message that the promotion had ended.

This one’s on me, really, since I should have checked the emails before the promotion deadline. I thought about reaching out to IHG about getting the other points credited, but I don’t think it’s worth the hassle. I came out with more points than I expected. The fact that I’m missing a few thousand is fine with me.

If you’re wondering what to do with your point haul from the IHG Rewards Club Priceless Surprises promotion, check out my Best IHG Rewards Club Redemption series. Some of the information is outdated by now, since IHG has undergone several category changes after the post was published, but it’s still a good post to reference if you’re looking for some idea of what’s possible with IHG points.

What was your final tally from the IHG Priceless Surprises promotion?

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  1. I don’t think you should give up just yet! I sent an email to IHG inquiring about my missing emails (I had 10 entries still missing after the promotion ended) and they wrote me back saying that although the promotion had ended they would credit my account 500 points per missing entry. So they credited my account 5K extra points. It was fairly easy, all it took was an email. I used the ihgservice@ihgdotcom email address. Good luck!

    • Alright, you’ve got me convinced. 🙂

      • You have had a direct impact in the quality and enjoyment of my life in ways you’ll never know. Back when this lifestyle was so brand new to me I knew I could count on you to answer my questions (as opposed to the disdainful folk on FT, in their high horses swatting away at anyone who dares to ask). Now, that my training wheels have long come off, it’s a pleasure to help you out, even if it’s in a little small way. Go after those points, Ariana! Cheers.

  2. Rosie Lewis

    Hi,I mailed mine and my husbands out on 2/5/16,and never got anything! I didn’t know who to contact to see why.I know they got there before it ended and I know I did it right..Please tell me what you think.tks

  3. Oh my gosh thank you soooo much I will try that

  4. Same for me. Wife was missing 39 and had 15 entries received but not credited. I wrote and had 19500 points within a week.

  5. My wife and I earned about 105,000 points combined. There were a few hiccups but they were all resolved and we got all of our points. We already used 75,000 points for 2 nights at the Intercontinental in Osaka, Japan during cherry blossom season. It was a beautiful hotel in a great location and was going for $700/night at that time. We kept joking that we got the room by stuffing envelopes. And we still have 30,000 points left.

  6. travelwithivan

    You are a beast! Great haul, Ariana!

  7. Wife and I received 108K. Just booked 5 nights @ the Intercontinental, Cancun w/ the 50% off promo which amounted to 75K pts. Will use another 24K pts. (or $200) to renew Ambassador thru Nov. 2017 and still have 9K left from the promo. Last Sept. we stayed 5 nights w/ the 50% promo and were upgraded to a one BR oceanfront suite during the Fall 50% off promo. Ambassador gives you lounge access which was awesome so the value is about $500 per night in a suite. I value our points for this promo about $2,800.

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