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More Good News on the Vanilla Reload Front

This is now going to be the billionth post on Vanilla Reloads, but I’ve come across yet another goldmine! Today, I visited a CVS store in a nearby town. I’ve written about this store a few times: How they almost sold me a Vanilla Reload card, and how they refused to take anything other than cash for MoneyPaks and giftcards.

Vanilla Reload

Well today I walked past the giftcard rack on the way to the register and couldn’t help but notice the revamped Vanilla Reloads (they’re the same color scheme, just slightly redesigned). Just for the heck of it, I picked one up along with a MyVanilla card. I was going to buy one anyways at my new source and if they let me buy one here, then great!

The cashier informed me that the MyVanilla card had to be purchased with cash, but I could buy the Reload with a credit card! I’m not sure why they won’t allow giftcard purchases, but they do allow reloads. I’m definitely not complaining, though! I put back the MyVanilla and picked up another reload. As opposed to the CVS near my work, which is fully stocked, this store is about halfway sold out. This is surprising, because this store is in the suburbs and it’s certainly not one I imagined had many residents that were points/miles enthusiasts. Why else do people buy these cards?

In any case, I’ve got yet another source, so this has been a great week for me. Plus my new US Airways card came in the mail, so I’ve got yet another card to spread out the Vanilla purchases. For those of you who are having a tough time finding these cards, keep trying. Your local store might just change its policy (like mine did) and then you can resume spending your yearly income in a matter of weeks. 😉

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  1. After reading your post, my first reaction was “I hate you” pure out of jealousy. Then I thought why cant I have thick skin like you so I decided to try one more time despite my repeated failed attempts as I have nothing to lose. To my surprise it worked. The cashier was not sure but I insisted on trying and for once it worked. (I wanted to say if pointchaser can get it why cant I you jerk, but you know I am a chicken so kept quiet). No more annoying message on her screen for cash payment only. Finally like so many blessed people, I am in the game. This time I am not going to lose any time. I know it is wrong but I am as greedy as a pig. In two different separate purchases I bought 4 vanilla reload cards and I will keep on doing it until sanity prevails. OK! may be the last two sentences can be ignored which came out just being emotional. Anyway thanks for posting your experience.

    • PointChaser

      Love it! Glad to hear your persistence finally paid off. Just make sure you spread out spending across different cards to avoid trouble with the banks.

  2. You’re way behind on the Vanilla Reloads. There are plenty out there, but different CVS stores are running out of stock/getting restocked at different times. A store that works today may be out tomorrow; one with nothing now may get in stock.

    I live in the Bay Area. I have a group of CVS locations that I visit on a regular basis, and have had no problems finding Reloads at several during each go-round.

    • PointChaser

      The problem hasn’t been finding them as much as being able to buy them with a credit card. The location near my home and work wouldn’t allow credit cards until recently.

      • I haven’t found any CVS stores which won’t take credit card. Any cashier who refuses to accept credit card is misinterpreting their policy on these.

        • I don’t know what official CVS policy is, but I’m definitely getting a mixed bag.

          • “Terms and conditions are applied to prepaid cards, gift certificates and gift cards. Acceptance of cash or credit card only for prepaid card purchases and acceptance of cash only for Prepaid Debit Card product purchases. No refunds.”

            If the cashier starts to get high and mighty about it, I don’t push the issue. Either go to a different store, or come back later.

          • This is good to know. Thanks!

  3. Just out of curiosity what is the credit card of your choice or in which order do you go?

    • I’m not going to say what cards I’m using, but any credit card which will give you give you the equivalent of 1% back is break even on $395 reload purchase. Cards which give more are making you a small profit.

    • So far, I’ve been charging to my Sapphire Preferred, Hilton Reserve, and Starwood Amex card. All of them offer a bonus of some sort. Unfortunately, CVS near work doesn’t allow purchases with a prepaid card, or I’d buy the Amex Prepaid at Office Depot for 5 pts/$1, then use that to buy the VR’s at CVS.

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