Megabus Offering $5-9 Seats on Select Routes

Megabus is offering $5-9 seats (OW) on select routes through June. Travel must occur on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Saturdays. A $0.50 fee applies to each booking transaction.

I don’t know how this company makes a profit, as they were offering $1 fares back in November. The current promotion includes a limited number of $1-3 fares as well. The eligible routes are as follows:

  • Atlanta: Athens, Chattanooga & Nashville
  • Chicago: Milwaukee, Madison, Columbia, Memphis, Kansas City, Omaha & St. Louis
  • Cleveland: Toledo, Detroit, Pittsburgh & Ann Arbor
  • Harrisburg, PA: Philadelphia & Pittsburgh
  • Houston: Austin, Dallas & San Antonio
  • Minneapolis: Chicago, Madison & Milwaukee
  • Pittsburgh: Ann Arbor, Cleveland, Detroit, Harrisburg, Morgantown & Toledo
  • Sacramento: Reno & San Francisco
  • San Francisco: Sacramento
  • Toledo: Cleveland, Ann Arbor, Pittsburgh & Detroit
  • Washington, D.C.: Christiansburg, Knoxville, Pittsburgh

I recently drove next to one of their buses on the freeway and they are much nicer than I expected. Totally worth coughing up $5-9 for. Buses are equipped with free wifi, reclining seats, climate control, restrooms, power outlets.

This is much more than what airlines are offering to customers these days, and I’d definitely jump on this if I had any travel planned on an eligible route.

If you’re in  San Francisco, for example, and want to check out the state’s capital, this is a very cheap (and comfortable) way to travel.

Have you traveled with Megabus before? Please share your thoughts by commenting below.

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  1. Megabus is pretty comfortable. I’ve used them on short routes in the northeast a bunch (NYC-Philly, NYC-DC, NYC-Boston). Pretty much all my friends use megabus on those routes. I’ve migrated toward Amtrak, which makes me weird, because Amtrak is 2X-5X as expensive. The low fares are linkbait – most fares are pretty standard. I think I they easily make a profit on their high volume and the 99% of normal fares.

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