Manufactured Spending Webinar on Saturday, September 23!

You know how I don’t like planning travel in advance? The same goes for webinars, apparently. After the previous webinars went so well, I promised there would be more. Well, this morning I woke up and saw a Facebook post from Help Refugees. Apparently there are still refugees living near the now-destroyed Calais Jungle. It’s cold, rainy and Help Refugees ran out of bedding to distribute. Remembering how we raised over $2,000 during the last round of webinars, I thought “why not do it again”? This time, I’d like to raise money specifically for Help Refugees.

I was disappointed when nobody donated to this organization last time. I gave people a choice, listing Help Refugees as my preference, but nobody actually donated to them. So this time, because the situation is so dire, I’m asking everyone who is making donations to send them to Help Refugees. As someone who volunteered with Help Refugees last summer, I can vouch for what a difference their efforts make. Their warehouse is incredibly well run thanks to their dedicated long-term volunteers. Did I mention everyone out there works for free? Whatever money you donate to Help Refugees is well spent. 

The first webinar will be held on Saturday, September 23 at 1 PM (PT). If you want to attend, simply donate $10 to Help Refugees, then email me a copy of your receipt. I can add up to 250 participants, so most of you who are interested should be able to attend. If it fills up like last time, I’ll schedule more webinars to accommodate everyone. Please note, donations are processed in British Pounds, so use a credit card that does not impose foreign transaction fees.

If you have any specific questions you want me to answer during the webinar, feel free to post them in the comment section. Even if you don’t plan on attending the webinar, I hope you’ll consider donating $10 to Help Refugees. We’re all incredibly lucky to be able to sleep in a warm bed every night. It’s easy to take that for granted, but it’s not a reality for most people around the world.

My goal is to have one of these webinars monthly

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  1. Might want to warn people that donations are in British Pounds.

  2. What time is the webinar on the 23rd scheduled for?

  3. Sorry to miss it. Can’t make that time tomorrow. Look forward to the next

  4. Excited for the webinar, and I emailed you confirmation of my 10 Pound donation. Will we receive any sort of confirmation back? Just wanted to make sure.

  5. Thanks for bringing awareness to refugee and donation.

  6. Ariana, so disappointed that I did not get the Google Hangouts invite to my email. Cleared my schedule and was really looking forward to this. Did you maybe record it or could I still get in?

  7. do you have an October webinar scheduled yet?

    • Unfortunately no, since my schedule’s a little packed. I likely won’t have another one until next year. I’ll be at the Chicago Seminars this year, hosting a Hilton breakout session though.

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