Manufactured Spending

Everything You Need to Know About Manufactured Spending

During last week’s webinars, I got a lot of similar questions related to manufactured spending. Many of these questions were addressed in ms-related posts over the last four years. But thanks to the results of a recent survey, I’ve realized a large portion of my readership consists of newbies who have missed my earlier posts. I figured it would be helpful to compile them all to give newbies an easy reference. The posts have been divided into five categories to make them easier to sort through. They should answer most of your questions about manufactured spending, but if anything is missing, feel free to ask in the comment section. 

Desk with laptop: Manufactured Spending with a Full Time Job

Credit Cards

Gift Card Churning

Manufactured Spending Apps and Tools

Staying Organized

Tips and Tricks

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  1. Dear Ariana – wow…just want to say you’re awesome…this is a great resource.

  2. Amazing! Just what I need. Thanks,

  3. Yay! All this in one place! Just wish I had started sooner so I could have done the coins. Thanks for compiling all this work!

  4. Great idea to combine these!! Question: has a daily max of $2500. But the card fees plus 5 $500 cards adds up to more than $2500, so is the max I could do really 4 $500 cards? Thx!

    • You can do 4x $500’s and 1x $465 to keep it under $2500. $2500 is actually the max order limit (excluding shipping). The daily limit is $5000, so you can get two orders in if you really want.

  5. Takhliq Khan

    You can buy 4 x 500 and 1 x 462.25. Your total will come out to exactly 2500.

  6. Thanks Ariana for compiling all these strategies in one place. Your blog has to be one of the most underrated when it comes MS.

  7. Hi Ariana. I enjoy your MS posts and need some advice. I got shutdown by my credit union yesterday after doing about 100k per month in money orders for a little over a year. Sad day for me. Can you recommend any banks or credit unions that will tolerate high volume money order deposits? I’m gonna stay away from Walmart billpay after reading about your Barclay shutdown. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

  8. This is great reading! As someone who is beginning MSing, I know you’ve mentioned before that you tend to be careful with AMEX and Chase when MSing. I have biz and personal flavors of both and I have already gotten sign up bonuses for all of them. If I MS half of my income on AMEX MR (via biz cards), am I in danger of a FR? I will tread more carefully with Chase. Thanks!

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