Club Carlson

LIMITED TIME: Earn 75% Bonus Points When You Buy Club Carlson Gold Points

Until 2:15 PM (ET) TODAY, you can earn a 75% bonus when purchasing Club Carlson Gold points. The maximum purchase amount is 40,000 points, which will cost $280 and earn you 30,000 bonus points.

Essentially, you’re paying $280 for 30,000 Club Carlson points. This gets you a free night at a Category 3 property, 2 free nights at a Category 2 property, and 3 free nights at a category 1 property. I don’t like buying points, and when I see promos like this, it makes me think a devaluation is on it’s way. However, if you’re a few points short of an award, this is probably as cheap as it will get.

For Club Carlson redemption ideas, take a look at my series on the Best Club Carlson Redemptions: Category 1-6.

Will you be buying Club Carlson points at this rate?

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